The Daily is a completely student-run paper. All photographers, writers, designers, and editors who contribute to the paper are UW students. The paper provides a professional learning environment for aspiring journalists. It is not affiliated with the UW Communications Department, and, therefore, has contributors from a variety of majors on campus.

Prospective reporters must complete an intensive quarter-long class taught by a development editor before applying to be on staff. In this course, they will learn the basics of reporting, how the newsroom works, and journalism ethics. Writers will be expected to complete a minimum of four stories throughout the class, with more encouraged. Class will be held twice a week, but official times and days have not been decided. .

Click HERE to fill out the winter application

THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED. The application, along with two writing samples, is due Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 by 11:59 p.m.

This class is held every quarter. At the end of each quarter, writers will be hired based on their completion of the course. The Daily pays all staff reporters on a per-article basis, with each news article being worth about $15-$20, depending on length and quality.

Development Editor:
    Danielle Palmer-Friedman

Interested in photography? 
Photo Development Editor:
    Kyu Han

Click HERE to fill out the winter photo development application.

The photo development application is due on January 16, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 


What is Daily 101?

The Daily 101 (Development) class is a quarter-long, intensive class that all prospective reporters must take. The class will be held twice a week (once in summer). The Development Editor will be teaching the basics of writing and reporting, how the newsroom works, and journalistic ethics. Prospective writers will be expected to attend the classes and complete a minimum of four articles throughout the class, with more encouraged. At the end of the course, writers will be hired based on their completion of the course.

How do I apply?

Submit an application with all relevant documents to the Development Editor.

How many credits is it?

The Daily and its Development class are not affiliated with the registrar at the UW. It will not be listed on the time schedule. The class cannot be taken for credit.

Is prior journalism experience required?

No. The class will teach basic journalism skills along with the procedures for producing a daily newspaper. Some knowledge or experience is helpful, but not required.

I sent my application, now what?

The Development Editor will review the applications and select applicants for interviews. The Development Editor will then admit applicants to the class based on their applications and interviews.

What if I don't make it on staff?

The Daily holds its Daily 101 class every quarter, so there will also be other chances to complete the class.

Is the Daily 101 (Development) class also applicable for prospective photographers, designers, copy editors, or videographers looking to get involved with The Daily?

The Daily’s photo, design, copy, and video (The Daily’s Double Shot) departments have their own procedures for prospective staff.

Prospective photographers can email Photo Development Editor Anastasia Stepankowsky at photodevelopment@dailyuw.com.

Prospective designers can email design@dailyuw.com.

Prospective copy editors can email copy@dailyuw.com.

Prospective videographers can email doubleshot@dailyuw.com.