Room for debate: Horror movies — The science behind scare

Everyone knows the physiological symptoms of fear. Your heart rate speeds up, you begin to perspire, and all of your senses feel a bit heightened. This reaction is in our DNA, but what on Earth makes us want to seek out those feelings on purpose?

Room for debate: Horror movies — In defense of blood and gore

I love a good horror story. They’re a blend of escapist narrative and thrill ride. If told well, a horror story makes you care for the protagonist. You feel their trepidation as they stupidly wander into the darkness. It allows you to confront a wide array of fears, from snakes to machete-carrying maniacs, all from the safety of your couch.

For me, the fun of horror movies was always watching them with friends. The shared experience of cursing the main character for his stupidity was always more fun when divided up among a group.

Room for debate: Horror movies — Humanity is horrifying enough on its own

Around this time every year, the commercials on TV take a chilling turn. There is horror on every channel: unsolved mysteries, ghosts, murders. There is every representation of evil achievable by humans. There is torment and torture, screams and scares of the intimate and natural kind. There are so many stories that keep your teeth clenched and your light on for an extra hour before bedtime. And really, I can’t stand it. I change the channel quickly, I mute the volume, I look away. I cover my ears and sing “Jingle Bells” as loudly as I possibly can.

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Something that really pushes my buttons is the assumption that men are completely superior to women in sports. Something that makes me cringe is seeing women strain to prove they can keep up. The truth is, in many categories, men are better athletes. They are, on average, taller, heavier, and can more easily build muscle mass, which is a perfect recipe for excelling in most sports. Not all male success is due to nature, however. There is also the nurture side of competition.


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