Those left behind

How public schools are failing our most vulnerable students

The tipping point

Why gratuity in America is a major labor-rights issue

Guest editorial: UW’s Simpson Center puts Israel in the dock

“In the modern world, the Jew has perpetually been on trial; still today the Jew is on trial, in the person of the Israeli — and this modern trial of the Jew, this trial which never ends, begins with the trial of Shylock.”

                                        — Philip Roth, Operation Shylock (1993)


All deaths are not created equal

On Jan. 7, France mourned the loss of 12 people killed for Charlie Hebdo magazine’s satirization of the Prophet Muhammad. The terrorist attack was met with shock in the international community, drawing world leaders’ expressions of sympathy for the victims and France.

Leave Bruce Jenner alone

Why the trans* discussion needs to change

The Futurist: Virtual reality, empathy, and solipsism

For most of us, the pop-culture reference for virtual reality (VR) is The Matrix, where VR made Neo fly and learn kung fu instantly. It mainstreamed the idea of being a version of yourself in a simulated world. But what if you became a completely different person in a simulated world? What would happen if I, a cisgender, straight, Indian male, could have an inkling of what it is to be a Chinese sweatshop worker, an Armenian farmer, or a Syrian refugee?

Free Speech Friday: Week of Feb. 27, 2015

See what The Daily's readers had to say this week.

The take: Better, not fixed — Women’s rights

In 1920, with the passage of the 19th Amendment, women in the United States gained the right to vote. This was one of the greatest victories for women’s rights by far, but it didn’t solve the problem of systemic sexism. Not by a long shot. 

The take: Better, not fixed — Feminism has room to grow

I’m a strong believer that if you stand behind something, you have to be willing to accept change. You have to be willing to look at it from a different perspective, to grow, to learn. Because we are all human and we live in a society that we have crafted, we must change in order to move forward. And therefore, the movements we participate in cannot stay stagnant either.

The take: Better, not fixed — Try to eat all organic in a food desert, I dare you

I have one of those classes that takes place during the dinner hour, so a lot of us end up bringing something to snack on. The other day my professor laughed that kids are eating so healthy nowadays. And sure, we might have been munching on carrot sticks at the time, but how much healthier are we really?