Federal marijuana-nomics: Potential for savings and profits abound

Washington state is expected to allow brick and mortar retail pot stores no later than the first week of July 2014, according to the Washington State Liquor Control Board. On April 21, the agency will begin a lottery process to select applicants  who qualify for marijuana retail licenses. The state will be allowed to license up to 334 stores statewide.

Vote on Proposition 1: Do it now!

April is not the usual time of year to fill out a ballot, but this year voters are being asked to decide whether or not to approve extra funding measures for King County Metro. Whether you are a commuter or you live on campus, you should care about the outcome of Proposition 1, and you should care fast because the ballot is due on April 22.

Will's word of the week: Chai

Etymology involves following the trails made by numerous lexicon-rabbits across several continents, cultures, and centuries. “Chai” and “tea” are classic examples of tag-team language borrowing, picked up at different points, by the English language.

Flats and bent fenders: Check your head?

You either wear a helmet or you don’t. There isn’t really a middle ground, unless you count people who ride with a helmet on their handlebars, sages that they are.

Sound off

Opinion writers weigh in on vigilanteism, CascadiaNow!, and their favorite things about Seattle.

End solitary confinement

As college students, we often feel life’s pressures in waves. We busy ourselves, we hang out with our friends, do whatever we can to avoid being alone with our thoughts. Though this is not healthy, it is one of the ways that we stay sane. So now, imagine being alone with just your thoughts for months. You may have access to a book or two, but you have no human contact except guards, and you barely know how much time has passed.

Prison is not society’s panacea: Time for a different approach to crime and punishment

If it seems odd to you that the United States has the largest prisoner population in the world both quantitatively and proportionally (as compared to the population not behind bars), don’t worry — it really is odd. It doesn’t make sense for a country that prides itself on liberty and the pursuit of happiness to maintain an imprisoned population upwards of 1,570,000, almost equal to the entire population of the state of Idaho.

Cultural identity: A look at the value behind embracing your heritage

Growing up, I never questioned my cultural identity. I knew that my dad grew up in Mexico before immigrating to the United States as a teenager, and I knew that my mom was born in Texas to a Mexican-American family. As a result, I was Mexican-American, but I never thought much of it. I was just me and, at the time, that was all that mattered.

The Sex Appeals: Playing with the penis

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Will's word of the week: Tomfoolery

Noun: The action or behavior of a tom-fool; foolish or absurd action; silly trifling. -OED


Since before the days of Shakespeare, those crafting insults have long found inspiration from a rich repository of already-existing words in our language’s vocabulary.