November Pain: How elections are failing average Americans

An article in the most recent edition of The Economist reported that the top 0.1 percent of American families currently hold 22 percent of our country’s wealth. That share is just a bit less than the historic peak set in 1929, the same year in which a stock market crash marked the beginning of the Great Depression. 

Don’t stop yelling at me

Defending freedom of speech is the best way to protect liberty

Will’s word of the week: pound

The core meanings of words can live for a long, long time in a language, even one as tenaciously absorbent as English. The meanings of words can show remarkable endurance, at least from this amateur etymologist’s perspective. Word meanings can develop in parallel or come together with the same spellings and with the same pronunciations, but mean markedly different things. One of these homonyms is the ubiquitous “pound,” with its similar noun and verb forms.

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