Two sorority houses sustain minor damage after separate weekend arson incidents

At least two sorority houses sustained minor damage March 9 after banners hanging outside each house were lit on fire and burnt some time during early morning hours.

Greek councils disapprove of controversial publication

This June, sophomore Kathleen Boyle, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, may be left with no choice but to quit her job at The Odyssey, an all-Greek newspaper that’s been an ongoing source of controversy in the UW’s Greek community.

New UW sorority to start finding new members in March

Alpha Omicron Pi, a new sorority coming to the UW, will begin the process of finding new members by the end of winter quarter, and is scheduled to become the 18th sorority at the UW.

Theta Xi fraternity begins fundraising to build basketball court in Dominican Republic

Sophomore Alan Grove spent nine days last spring in the center of Cajamarca, Peru, making connections with the locals and witnessing homes struck with poverty. This year, he hopes to share the experience with 10 of his fraternity brothers.

More than just smiling

As Miss Greek fundraising efforts begin, this year’s leaders aim to place more emphasis on the months of preparation leading up to the annual event.

Fraternities and sororities look to recruit new members mid-year

At an event Monday, both fraternities and sororities will be looking to recruit new members.

Big man on campus

It was a typical Thursday night in the Greek community. Groups of students traipsed through the rain, laughing, and shouting as they wandered from house to house.

An eye for crime

A recent buzz in the Seattle City Council has the potential to immortalize in film any UW student’s interactions with police. If approved, the initiative would equip Seattle police officers with body cameras to monitor all officer-citizen interactions.