UW students showcase the latest in street fashion

Models strutted down the snake-shaped runway to Porter Ray, a Seattle-based musician, who emceed the entirety of the UW Hip Hop Student Association’s (HHSA) sixth-annual Fresh Fit Fashion Show with his contemporary street anthems. 

Consisting of clothing vendors from around the Seattle area, the show displayed the latest trends in street fashion to the UW community. The event, which took place in the HUB Lyceum on Monday night, was attended by an estimated 150 people. 

RSO Rundown

This column keeps tabs on the activities of the UW’s Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). The following events are courtesy of RSOs and communities on campus. 

Tuesday, Mar. 3

Global Business Perspectives

CoMotion plans ‘MakerSpace’ launch

CoMotion, formerly known as the UW Center for Commercialization, will be launching their “MakerSpace” event series Tuesday.

The first event will be from 3 to 5 p.m. in Fluke Hall 215. The intent is for MakerSpace to be a place on campus for students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship to create prototypes, take part in workshops, and network. 

Women activists discuss exploitive companies

International Women’s Day was celebrated early Monday night in Thomson Hall.

“We thought we’d save you from finals week,” said Ben Wiselogle, organizer and Oxfam member, after noting that International Women’s Day is actually March 8.

The event was held to highlight the work of two women activists fighting against mining and exploitation in West Africa.

GPSS discusses stigmas surrounding disability

Tiffany Woelfel, a member of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) diversity committee, lead a discussion on disability with a small group of students in the HUB on Monday night as part of the GPSS series “Campus Conversations.” 

Brian Tracey, another member of the diversity committee, said part of the group’s goal is to create safe places for students to engage in an open dialogue on various topics.

ASUW Agenda

This week’s ASUW board of directors (BOD) meeting focused on an issue that directly affects students in a number of ways: the U-PASS fee. The BOD had been talking about raising the fee for a couple weeks now, but a decision was finally reached Thursday evening. The fee will be raised from $76 to $80 for the 2015-16 school year, and then to $84 for the 2016-17 school year. This was approved by the BOD and is subject to rejection by UW’s Housing and Food Services (HFS).

Q-Center holds Safe Zone training

UW faculty have a lot to deal with on a daily basis: grading, research, and communicating with students. Working with such a diverse student body, it can be hard to know how to respect each student in a meaningful way. Luckily, there is an option for faculty members: Safe Zone.

Diversity Week presents 'Queering Justice'

People with name tags, hand stamps, and plenty of food were chattering at the ends of the UW School of Law hallways Friday afternoon. 

They had come for one thing: the event “Queering Justice.”

“For me, it’s really heart-warming to see that we had 100 people register ahead of time,” said Erika Bleyl, a first-year law student. “The turnout was a lot larger than I envisioned.”