Socialist Alternative promotes protests in public meeting

Sixty people filtered into a classroom on the UW campus Wednesday night. Noise levels were at a murmur while provocative issues floated around like particles in the air, unavoidable.

The group was gathered for a public meeting, sponsored by the Socialist Alternative, centered around the potential use for protests as a tool against racism and poverty. Members of the Socialist Alternative believe both the United States government and the nation's capitalist system are systematic oppressors, focusing its aim on racism and those in the working class.

Three at-large after U-District home invasion

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating a home invasion robbery Wednesday afternoon in the U-District.

According to the SPD, three men entered a home in the 5200 block of 15th Avenue Northeast, pointed a shotgun at the resident, and stole $600 and a laptop.

Potential for public bank in Seattle

About 100 people from all over the Seattle area gathered together in the spacious nave of the University Temple United Methodist Church to partake in a discussion about the possibility of a public bank in Seattle.

During the forum on Wednesday night, sponsored by the Seattle Public Bank Coalition, various models for a possible public bank in Seattle were discussed.

Year in review

The Daily looks back at notable moments of 2014

UW hosts second International Ladino Day

Ladino may be considered a dying language, but the Ladino community in Seattle is still very much alive.

UW alumnus crowdsources to help the homeless

After raising $75,000 through a crowdsourcing effort, UW alumnus Eddie Wang is trying to outfit every homeless person in King County with a simple item that can make all the difference on a cold night: a sleeping bag.

Daniel J. Evans talks public service at speaker series

From the time of the civil rights movement in the ’60s and ’70s to recent protests in Ferguson, Mo., former Washington Gov. Daniel J. Evans has been in public service positions for long enough to see his fair share of social change. Evans shared his history as a public servant and the lessons he hopes to leave with approximately 40 students and faculty at Parrington Hall on Tuesday.

Life Sciences Complex to expand biology department

Despite high demand for biology-related degrees and research, the UW Department of Biology has dealt with insufficient facilities and infrastructure in the past. But in the summer of 2018, the department will be able to solve that problem with the completion of the new Life Sciences Complex (LSC).

Crime blotter

In this week’s crime blotter, stop leaving your bags unattended and did you even read that email about the tax scam?