Fighting for $15

Imagine rising at 3 o’clock in the morning several times each week for a 4 a.m. shift. Having to work 55 hours per week at low wage jobs and still just barely getting the bills paid, all while pursuing a graduate degree part-time at the UW.

For all of fall quarter, this was the reality for third-year graduate student Ben Peterson.

Like a true bookworm

From behind his counter in the HUB’s branch of the University Book Store, Nick DiMartino waits patiently each day for students to walk by so he can help them find something to purchase.

Breaking the silence around rape

Editor's note: This article has been updated with additional information. 

She stood on the sidewalk covering her face with both hands as she hunched over crying. I could sense that something bad had happened. It was a Thursday night, a “party night” in the U-District, and it isn’t uncommon to see people publicly upset on their walks home from drinking. But Virginia, who asked to be identified by just her first name to maintain privacy, looked different. Something more than upsetting had happened.

Tutor today, teacher tomorrow

Every Wednesday after class, Chris Trimis hops into his car and drives over to Lowell Elementary in Capitol Hill. He circles the neighborhood to find street parking, signs in at Lowell’s front desk, and descends a flight of stairs to reach the weekly Seattle Music Partners (SMP) tutor meeting.

Saving the wild, one dress at a time

When sophomore Ava Holmes walked down the runway at the sixth annual Everybody Every Body Fashion Show last Friday, what she had in mind was bigger than the outfit she was modeling.

Wearing a light brown jacket inspired by the red wolf, an endangered animal, Holmes was one of 12 students who modeled animal-friendly outfits at Friday’s fashion show. Besides the theme of promoting healthy body image, the show this year also brought environmental issues to the runway.


Continuing to fight for our rights

Black History Month doesn’t begin in February and end after the month; Black History Month is celebrated every day, by all races striving for greatness, not just African Americans.

It is true that people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X fought for the rights of African Americans, but technically they fought for equality for all minorities. So while Black History Month focuses on the African American community, it’s a time to reflect and acknowledge how the work of those people affected all of our lives for the better.

Why we need Black History Month

When I hear people say “Why don’t we have a white history month?” I immediately cringe and roll my eyes. Yes, I may be a fairly privileged white woman, but I feel very strongly about society’s treatment of oppressed peoples.

Black History at UW

1960s Civil Rights Movement begins at UW

1961 Martin Luther King Jr. speaks at UW to advocate for civil rights

Jan. 9, 1968 UW’s Black Student Union (BSU) founded

A student through it all: Amanda Knox returns to UW to finish her final degree requirements

More than six years ago, UW student Amanda Knox departed for a study abroad program that turned into a four-year emotional roller coaster behind Italian bars. Now, nine years after starting her college education, Knox is working on her final degree requirements to graduate in spring quarter 2014.

Ringing in the Year of the Horse away from home

Correction: When this article was pubished on Wednesday, Feb. 4, we incorrectly stated that the red envelope tradition dates back to the Qin Dynasty in 220 BC. However, the tradition dates back to the Han Dynasty in 220 AD.

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