Building connections

SeaTac and Tukwila lie only about 15 miles outside of Seattle, a major epicenter of health care innovation. Home to the UW Medical Center, a nationally ranked hospital, along with world-class doctors, it’s surprising that venturing a short 15 miles down I-5 yields such drastic changes.

Observing Ramadan

As the UW hosts an increasing number of international students every year, it can be difficult to accommodate all the diverse cultures and beliefs. Students at the UW come from many different walks of life. Many, like me, come from Islamic backgrounds. 

As an international student from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), my Islamic heritage is very important to me. At times, assimilating my cultural beliefs with my American surroundings has proven to be a challenge. Holidays, especially Ramadan, have been particularly trying.

Ozymandias, ramp of ramps

A colossal wreck, boundless and bare sits just west of the UW campus. Situated on the north end of the arboretum, on land that is property of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and technically a part of the 520 freeway, are the ramps to nowhere. This concrete that progress forgot is anything but ignored; the space where land meets water and industry meets nature remains a place of interest and a destination for many.

Rising above the Mean

Pedro Arellano-Camarena didn’t always see himself graduating from college, much less pursuing a master’s degree. School wasn’t necessarily his strength, so to speak.

Sickness and stigma

*Editor’s note: Name has been changed to protect privacy.

If someone was going through their day with a broken arm or a crippling fever, they would be encouraged to seek medical attention. To not do so would be ignoring an obvious ailment. 

High-flying Canary

UW student Megh Vakharia didn’t tell his parents he was starting a company. Instead they found out when he and his business partner Josiah Tullis were interviewed on Q13 two days after their website went live. 

Behind the numbers: Getting students to vote

As students bustled around campus between May 12 and May 14 this year, voting for the 2014-2015 ASUW elections had begun. The students involved in the election campaigns worked diligently to get the general student body to contribute their voices to the election and cast their ballots.

Initiative of UW Center for Human Rights connects with El Salvador

Survivors of the Salvadoran Civil War are seeking justice. Many Salvadorans lost their loved ones in the war, which lasted from 1980 to 1992, but no one has been held accountable, mainly due to an amnesty law that protects those who are responsible for political repression.

Husky Pride goes worldwide

The University of Washington is an institution with an international vision. To that end, sending students abroad to be exposed to global culture is essential to the philosophy of the UW. At the same time, such programs are often prohibitively expensive for many students.

“We want everybody here to experience all these really awesome opportunities that UW has to offer,” said Burgess Malarkey, director of service and partnerships for ASUW. As such, he is one of the leading figures in charge of the Husky Pride Fund.

Textbooks and tiaras

As a child, freshman Starla Sampaco grew up watching Miss Universe on television. She admired the confidence and poise of the contestants, and dreamed of entering a pageant when she was older. 

Growing up as a first generation Filipino American, Sampaco knew she didn’t fit the typical Barbie-doll ideal that Western culture considered “beautiful.” This skewed beauty standard helped her develop a passion for embracing diversity and straying away from this singular view of beauty.