Double Shot

Student Spotlight: Chris Trimis

We tag along with UW School of Music student Chris Trimis for his job tutoring with Seattle Music Partners

Film Focus: Oscar Recap

John and Alex recap the 2014 Oscars! McConaughey, Leo, Travolta, Ellen, and more!

Sad Seattle

A short documentary on the prevalent issue of S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Depression. In this video we tour around campus asking various out of state students what it's like to live in such a different climate, and what they know about SAD. Then we get the real scoop from the Director of the Counseling Center, Ellan Taylor. Enjoy

The UW Condom Club

In this video I ventured down to Hall Health to check out the UW Condom Club, where I met up with one of their top representatives, who gives us an overview of the club, and what benefits it gives to student life.

Amanda Knox Full Interview (Pt. 3)

For the full story: http://dailyuw.com/archive/2014/02/19/features/student-through-it-all-amanda-knox-returns-uw-finish-her-final-degree-re#.UxElR_RdXKA

Amanda Knox Full Interview (Pt. 2)

For the full story, go to: http://dailyuw.com/archive/2014/02/19/features/student-through-it-all-amanda-knox-returns-uw-finish-her-final-degree-re#.UwuaL0JdXKA

Amanda Knox Full Interview Pt. 1

For the Full Story go to: http://dailyuw.com/archive/2014/02/19/features/student-through-it-all-amanda-knox-returns-uw-finish-her-final-degree-re#.UwuaL0JdXKA

What's With The _______?: UW Womens Action Commission hosts Monologues with Rejuvenated Title

In this segment reporter Trennesia "Tre" Jackson goes down to the Hub for this year's The ______ Monologues. We take a look behind The UW Womens Action Commission's annual program and investigate the name change from last year's The Vagina Monologues.

Formula SAE at UW

The Daily heads down to the mechanical engineering building to check in on the progress of Formula SAE. The team is about halfway through their process of designing, building, and testing two formula style race cars.

Location, Location, Location Now Study Youtube

Colin Farley explores the UW campus and surrounding U-District, to show you how to find the best study spots.