Double Shot

Seattle Bike Polo

The UW Daily Double Shot takes one bus from campus and explores the Seattle bike polo scene at Cal Anderson Park in Capital Hill.

Just A Bus Away Woodsky's

The Woodsky's bar at Fremont has a bizarre Tuesday night tradition. Check it out! Produced by Yitong Yong. Check out the written article at: http://dailyuw.com/archive/2015/01/30/arts-leisure/just-bus-away-woodsky%E2%80%99s#.VMsx6mTF-Jc

Film Focus - Black Sea

One of the Daily's Arts & Leisure writers, Sarah Gronostalski, gives us her take on 'Black Sea', a new deep sea adventure film starring Jude Law and directed by Kevin Macdonald. Check out the full article at: http://dailyuw.com/archive/2015/01/30/arts-leisure/film-review-%E2%80%9Cblack-sea%E2%80%9D-dir-kevin-macdonald#.VMsx-GTF-Jc

The Re-Open of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery's first ever director, Scott Lawrimore, talks about the practical ideas he hopes to bring to the Jake as well as his theoretical thoughts about art here on campus. Find out what's been going on at the Jake since it re-opened in October and what to expect from it in the future.

Project Obama on UW Campus

We speak to Abby Kozyra, Director of Communications for ASUW, about her plans to bring Obama to UW commencement as well as students around campus for their thoughts.

Pop Culture News: Age of Ultron Trailer #2

Reporting by Makayla Kinsella Produced by Simon Fox

Charlie Hebdo Vigil at UW

In response to the attacks on the offices of satirical magazine 'Charlie Hebdo', French students at UW recently organized a vigil, like the many that have been taking place around the world. Varisha Khan reported on the event, discussing free speech and violence in the process.

DailyDoc: The Box

Since fall 2013 every potential applicant to the University of Washington has had to check or not check a box declaring if they have ever been convicted of a felony. We wanted to get the story behind 'The Box' so we worked with the CHID department to produce the Double Shot's first documentary. Produced by Nick Bragg Reporting done by Nick Bragg and Kate Kennedy Director of Photography Simon Fox

Film Focus - Inherent Vice

Alexa Teodoro, a writer for the Daily's Arts and Leisure section shares with us her thoughts on 'Inherent Vice', Paul Thomas Anderson's new film. Starring Joaqin Phoenix and Josh Brolin to name a few of the star studded cast..