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Sex positions reviews: Nexplanon birth control

Forget about the arts this week, and let’s talk about leisure. Slip into something more comfortable, because it’s time to learn about birth control.

'Monologues' give voice to community

In the darkened HUB Lyceum on Thursday night, supportive snaps periodically filled the room as one by one, 10 students stood on the stage and told their personal stories. They each spoke a word at the beginning of the night, setting the scene, and filling the “blank” in “The ____ Monologues.”

Interview with an author: Maria Semple

Maria Semple is possibly the most successful Seattle transplant around. After moving from Los Angeles eight years ago, she took her initial dislike of the city and wrote the book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” about a woman who also moves to Seattle from LA, and absolutely, hilariously, and hysterically, hates her new home. She rants about private-school parents, Microsoft, and the dreary environment, saying things most of us have thought at some point during a bad mood.

Sex positions: A truth universally acknowledged

As Valentine’s Day nears and college students everywhere are asking themselves, “What am I doing with my life?” and specifically, “What am I doing in my love life?” this seems a good time to ponder the question together.

Song to start your week: Two approaches for Valentine's Day

For people in relationships:

‘Q&A,’ Kishi Bashi 

By Indigo Trigg-Hauger The Daily

I unabashedly love Valentine’s Day, and if you try any of the tired old arguments on me for why it’s terrible, I won’t care a whit. Love is great and beautiful, and I am giving everyone valentines this year with Hello Kitty on them.

Daytripper: Leavenworth

The best little Bavarian village in Washington

Faculty discusses merit-based salary raises

On Wednesday afternoon, faculty panelists gathered in the Walker-Ames Room in Kane Hall to discuss a new faculty salary proposal that would reward improvement and hard work, and guarantee regular inflation-adjusted salary increases.

Bowl session: Super Bowl commercials analyzed

“Brady Bunch,” Snickers

By Maria Giakoumatos The Daily

We’re all familiar with the current Snickers slogan: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”