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The sex appeals: Come on!

Sex is a minefield of dos and don’ts, expectations, and screw-ups. Sometimes it’s hard to talk frankly about mashing your body into and against someone else’s body. I mean come on, it’s ridiculous. But talk you must – because otherwise stereotypes and tropes will get the best of you. Consider premature ejaculation.

Saving their reputation one breast at a time

It’s not surprising the NFL would use breast cancer as a tool to reach women. Eleven out of 12 months of the year the focus is on men, with a few token mentions for women. But come October, the pink comes out in full force across America, and the NFL will be no exception during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Finally the nagging wife becomes an even better source of profit. Who doesn’t want to save the boobies?

Vandalism on campus: Touch with your eyes

Right before the start of the quarter, strange art projects began to pop up all over campus. At first, devoid of signs to decode them, they were a mystery. Slowly the exhibition took shape as “Mad Campus” just before school started. Within a couple weeks, the various installations were vandalized twelve separate times.

Just a bus away: Babeland

Nothing but good vibes

Exhibit review: 'A Curious Collection of Strangers'

Marybeth Rothman’s premise is simple yet interesting: amass anonymous photos of people from the past and use collage techniques to create fictional biographies for them. The idea is compelling, but it barely comes through.

The sex appeals: Being positive

You wake up one morning and something isn’t right. Or you hear from a friend that your partner wasn’t clean. Or you go to the doctor, who tells you something turned up during a routine check.

You have a sexually transmitted infection. Capital S-T-I. Take a deep breath. Here’s why the world isn’t actually falling apart, and yes, you can keep having sex.

The sex appeals: A guide to naked pictures

Since the dawn of committing images to paper, canvas, or stone wall, people have loved naked pictures. And with good reason — they can be romantic, erotic, beautiful, and hilarious. In this age of dick pics, it’s often the latter. However, we’re not in the olden days anymore, when these pictures were one-of-a-kind, and difficult to replicate.

Sound Off

Opinion writers weigh in on how they spent their summer, global threats, and interesting classes.


1. How did you spend your summer? Would you have done anything differently?

All the world's a gallery

If you have ever needed a compelling reason to explore the UW campus, now is the time. Until Oct. 25,12 works of art are on display in a project called Mad Campus.

This unusual exhibition is from MadArt,a project started by Alison Milliman about six years ago. The program has put on other exhibitions before, such as Mad Homes in 2011, when artists took over five houses before they were set to be demolished. The idea is always to bring art into an everyday context, where people will simply stumble across it.

Dispatches from Scandinavia: A home lost, and found

In a little more than three weeks, I will have been in Norway for exactly a year.