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2014 ASUW election endorsements


Christina Xiao (The Husky Vision)

Staff editorial: Metro cuts must be stopped

A prerequisite for any functioning urban area is a robust public transit system. Without transportation, city sprawl becomes a barrier to population movement: Streets become increasingly clogged with traffic, employees can’t reach their jobs, and economic activity will inevitably slow to a bumper-to-bumper crawl.

Staff editorial: Comment policy change

Above all else, The Daily strives to promote community dialogue: Whether in the form of letters to the editor or comments posted to dailyuw.com, we in the newsroom celebrate free speech.

The Daily works hard to provide information that is as accurate as possible, free of oppressive prejudice, and inclusive to all groups on campus.

2013 ASUW election endorsements

For the most part, candidates at The Daily’s forum failed to answer our questions. In fact, a joke that vice presidential candidate Alex Fraser made in response to a question best sums up everyone’s performance: “Based on the way the question was phrased, I guess I don’t really have an answer.” However, our endorsements are based on what we’ve seen throughout the whole campaign. Overall we’ve been disappointed with the lack of experience and plausible ideas from most of the candidates. Because of this, The Daily has chosen not to endorse candidates for two positions.

Staff editorial: Focus on policy, not photo-ops

During ASUW elections season, the candidates are everywhere. People you’ve never seen before are suddenly in your face. While that may be a smart campaign strategy — name recognition is half the battle with voters — we would like to call for a change in the way of thinking about what an ASUW candidate should do.

Staff editorial: Stepping up safety efforts in the U-District

During the past few weeks, three people have been robbed at gunpoint in our community. Last week, two people were victimized — one in an attempted robbery and one in a successful carjacking — in broad daylight on campus. This week, three more were victims of strong-arm robberies in the evening near campus.

Staff editorial: The Daily adopts gender-neutral pronoun

The UW is a progressive university, always adapting to ensure the community stays safe and accepting. Most recently, the school’s nondiscrimination policy expanded to protect the queer and trans* communities. Thanks to the work of the Q Center, ASUW Queer Student Commission, and several other activists, the UW now has gender-neutral housing and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Crime in the U-District affects all of us

A wave of gun violence this year has left the Seattle community on edge. In response, city government and local leaders have held forums, increased community safety programs, and asked for more police patrols.