Anastasia Stepankowsky

Ferguson rally

Participants in the Ferguson rally stopped at Odegaard on their route to the HUB. Chants during the march included "Hands up. Don't shoot." and "Black lives matter. All lives matter." 

Strickland ranks

Junior Cassie Strickland had 30 digs in the UW's weekend sweeps of the Arizona schools.

Miles ranks

Sophomore quarterback Cyler Miles had one of his best games of the season Saturday, completing 18-of-23 passes for 253 yards and two touchdowns in a win over Oregon State.

Kemp Pacific

Senior forward Shawn Kemp Jr. had a team-high 18 points Sunday, leading the Huskies in scoring for the third straight game.

"Live On"

The installation “Give Me Your Wings” is a response to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 

"Live On"

Much of Mr.’s artwork conveys the idea of “moe” or “budding,” which is the exaggerated fantasy of adolescent innocence. 

Wade ASU

Junior Melanie Wade had 10 kills on 11 attempts and five blocks Sunday in the UW's sweep of Arizona State.

Metro and Sound Transit

Rachel VerBoort, an employee in Metro's strategic planning analysis department, speaks with community members about U-Link Lightrail. 

NWG SU preview

Sophomore guard Nigel Williams-Goss finished three assists shy of recording the first triple-double in UW history in the season opener.


Catherine Mayer founded the LAUGH (Letting Art Unleash Great Happiness) program and is currently collaborating with Dr. Bonnie McGregor from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to use art as a stress reliever for cancer patients and survivors.