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Album review: ‘The Birds of Satan,’ by The Birds of Satan

Out of the nest but not yet ready to fly

Film review: ‘Heaven is for Real’

As fun as church on Sunday

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Michaelson turns the lights out on her ukulele

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Get ready for your six seconds of fame

Creative commons

The A&L staff talks munchies, invents marijuana strain names, and weird cartoons in this very special edition of Creative Commons.

Exhibit review: ‘Imagine That’

An exhibit that would make the ‘Hoarders’ crew proud

Film review: ‘Under the Skin’

Stuns, numbs, and fizzles

Hops, sip, and a chug: Big Time Brewery’s Coal Creek Porter

Brewery: Big Time Brewery & Alehouse, Seattle, Wash.

Style: Porter

ABV: 5.4 percent

Bitterness: Not provided

Tasted on draft at Big Time Brewery & Alehouse, 4133 University Way Northeast 

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Your guide to a night on the town

Feature: Arts Corps partners with Youth Speaks

Teens turn up the volume on their inside voices

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