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Album review: 'Soused,' Scott Walker + Sunn O)))

Famed singer teams up with drone-metal titans to create musical terror

Poetry by the penny

Mixed in with the noise of the Saturday market — the excited footsteps, the calling of names, the barking of dogs — is another sound, a mechanic, much less organic sound: a tiny click, clack, click, clack.

This is the sound of The Poem Store.

Hot food at the U-District Market

The best naan and quesadillas you've ever had

Not a one market town


This is the closest farmers market to campus, and it’s open all year. The market has nearly doubled in size over the last few years, moving from the University Heights Elementary parking lot onto the Ave. Now, each Saturday, the Ave is closed from Northeast 50th Street to Northeast 52nd Street. 

Song to start your week: 'History,' The Woodentops

For whatever reason, now you’re here, at a point in the academic calendar that is less importantly late October and more importantly midterm and essay season. And history is most likely repeating itself. You’re behind on your readings, of course. Professors with innocent, kindly demeanors have unleashed ghastly tests upon you. Piles of clothes on your floor and coffee stains on your teeth are testaments to priorities that seem wholly unreasonable to your friends, family, and perhaps your future self. Let this song be the first step toward refreshing yourself.

Album review: 'Hold my Home,' Cold War Kids

It was really hard to stay still as I listened to this album for the first time. Then I listened to it again and decided to look up “learn to play the drums” on Google. By the time I listened to it a third time, I was deep in thought about family and love, but still tapping my feet.

Long story short, it’s good. It’s really good. 

Collegi-ATE: Oatmeal cinnamon scones

Healthier baking: Part 2

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