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Book review: ‘A Small Indiscretion,’ Jan Ellison

So divorced from reality, it’s like taking a break from life

Sex positions: The muckraking of Hollywood

For the past year or so, every facet of media from tabloids to The New York Times has been awash in stories about Bill Cosby and Woody Allen. They’re two of the latest, and biggest stars to be indicted for sexual assault and other abusive behaviors. The press coverage and intense scrutiny is deserved, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. What about Sean Penn, R. Kelly, Terry Richardson, and Sean Connery?

Book review: 'The Organ Takers,' Richard Van Anderson

The thriller genre goes under the knife

Album review: ‘Individ,’ The Dodos

Not extinct, just endangered

Song to start your week: ‘Stay This Way,’ Peter Bjorn and John

Ah, college: the time where everything feels perfect but nothing feels right. Where adulthood looms over us like the boogeyman of our childhood nightmares. Where it seems like the more we distance ourselves from youth, the harder it is to get that wonder back.

“Stay This Way” captures these feelings; it reassures you that you are not alone, while simultaneously telling you everything will be alright.

Theater review: ‘The Three Sisters,’ dir. John Langs

What’s the point of even writing a review?

Out of the blue reviews: ‘Vulnicura,’ Björk

Iceland’s own avant-garde fairy princess is back with one of her most damaged, soul-crushing works since she starred in Lars von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark.”

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The 20th Annual Seattle Invitationals: The Search For Seattle’s Best Amateur Elvis Impersonator 

Eat fried chicken while twenty different impersonators perform Elvis’s classic songs and dances. Elvis fans — or any music lover — should not miss this event. All music is backed by the Kentucky Rain Band. This event is 21 and over. 

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