SPD responds after threats at Delta Gamma

A Seattle Police Department (SPD) officer responded to an incident at the Delta Gamma sorority house at around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, according to an SPD report.

The complainant was the president of the Delta Gamma house. She explained how four residents received calls around 3 a.m. Sunday from an unrecognizable number with an area code from Palmdale, Calif.

According to the report, only one of the residents answered the phone. The call came from a male who said he was “looking for someone to shoot.” The suspect used a sexually charged nickname.

The four residents who received calls said their phone numbers are listed in the University Directory, but it does not list their affiliation with the sorority.

The residents mentioned that at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, the exterior kitchen door was found to be unlocked even though the door was reportedly locked by the house mother the night before.

In addition, one of the residents said that a laptop last seen in the kitchen had possibly gone missing. The residents did not know if this incident was related to the calls. According to the report, members of the sorority said they are currently in the process of reviewing the house’s security camera footage.

The report said that in light of the recent incidents at UC Santa Barbara and the suspect’s targeting of females in sororities, the residents feared for their safety.

“We’re doing everything we can here working with law enforcement and the members of our chapter to ensure our safety,” said Erin Hollingshead, Delta Gamma chapter president.


Special Sections Editor Eleanor Cummins contributed to this report.

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