This, not that: Yeti Yogurt vs. Yogurtland


Froyo -

With numerous and varied flavors, Yeti Yogurt wins this battle of the froyo.

Photo by Kristian Randall

Since it opened last year, Yogurtland has been a popular addition to the Ave’s plethora of dessert hangout spots. There’s almost never a free seat, and people are constantly going in and out, bringing with them heaping cups of yogurt. But now, there’s a new yogurt chain in town.

Only a block away, Yeti Yogurt sprang up on the Ave and 47th Street Northeast two weeks ago. It certainly bears a resemblance to Yogurtland and many other frozen yogurt places. It’s a familiar formula: a wall full of yogurt dispensers, a toppings bar, and a scale to see how much it’s going to cost you.

But the details matter, and Yeti Yogurt has upped the frozen yogurt game.

Their flavors are numerous and more varied than Yogurtland. The peanut butter cup flavor is the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, unlike Yogurtland, where a fake peanut butter taste dominates. The salted caramel has a smoky-salty flavor that mixes well with their chocolate yogurt, and it’s hard to come by at other yogurt joints. Cupcake batter is also slightly unusual and delicious. The only flavor to avoid is the coconut. It had more of a plasticy aftertaste than anything resembling coconut’s subtle taste. Don’t let that deter you from its other flavors though, because none of the rest disappoint. An employee said they plan to change out a couple flavors every few weeks.

For anyone who doesn’t eat dairy, there are some options at Yeti Yogurt. All flavors are clearly marked with allergen information, and this includes flavors that are yogurt versus flavors that are actually sorbet. Yogurtland has a couple sorbet flavors, but its strawberry lemonade flavor does not hold up when compared with the pink lemonade from Yeti Yogurt. The sorbet from Yogurtland had a bad aftertaste and overall wasn’t nearly as tartly flavorful as Yeti Yogurt’s.

The toppings bar at Yeti Yogurt is similar to Yogurtland but has the advantage of not being located on the way to the cash register and is two-sided. You won’t have to wait behind people awkwardly as you’re trying to buy your yogurt. The toppings are almost all exactly the same, save for the mochi. It is definitely better at Yogurtland — there, it is fluffier and doesn’t stick to your teeth. At Yeti Yogurt, it has a harder texture.

Where Yeti Yogurt has the biggest advantage is ambiance. It’s the kind of place where you could feasibly sit down and do your homework. There is a fireplace and ample seating. The atmosphere is quieter and more relaxed than Yogurtland, meaning it’s good for meeting with friends or for studying. Whereas Yogurtland is good for a quick hangout (if you manage to snag a seat), Yeti Yogurt is a nice place to linger.

When it comes down to price, Yogurtland is slightly cheaper at 38 cents per ounce to Yeti Yogurt’s 45 cents. If what you care about the most is price, then Yogurtland is still going to come out on top. But overall, Yeti Yogurt has a slight advantage in most categories.

Unthinkable as it once was, Yogurtland has been usurped. Yeti Yogurt has an edge that can’t be beat — yet.

The verdict: Yeti Yogurt, not Yogurtland

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