UW employee facing child pornography investigation

A UW computer technician is under federal investigation for alleged involvement in a child pornography ring, according to KIRO 7 News.

The news organization reported the technician has been under investigation for two years. The man came to the United States Postal Inspection Service’s attention after they prosecuted an international movie production company for child exploitation offenses in May 2011.

According to the report, the technician, who is still employed by the UW, was allegedly found with 47 different items, totaling $1,500, bought from the company. More than 240 VHS tapes and several DVDs, flash drives, cell phones, and computers were seized from the man’s residence.

Norm Arkans, the UW associate vice president for media relations, said the UW was unaware of this situation until KIRO 7 contacted them on Monday afternoon.

“The university has not been notified at all by anybody in an official capacity,” Arkans said.

Arkans said because the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is currently only investigating the employees home, it does not directly affect the UW. However, if there is reason to believe the employee was using UW resources for the crime, the UW administration would take action.

“There is nothing for us to look into,” Arkans said. “They’re investigating this person’s home computing. If there were any footprints that would lead them to us … indicating that the person was using university resources … we would absolutely investigate. But at this moment, there is no such indication.”

If charges are filed against the employee, Arkans said he would likely be placed on administrative leave until the case concluded.

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