Ear to the Streets: “THEESatisfaction loves Anita Baker,” THEESatisfaction



Many tuned in to Seattle hip-hop are acutely aware, obsessed, even, with THEESatisfaction — call it “THEEFanaticism.” Such loyalty is especially appropriate at the UW; one of the duo, Stas, went to school here.

Walking down the same path as its similarly local benefactors, Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction signed to Sub Pop Records last year. Its debut album “awE naturalE” is out on the label now.

But even THEEFanatics might not know about this weird little tape THEESatisfaction snuck online back in October 2012. It’s ultra-short — four one-minute musical blurbs prefacing a single full-length track — but the beats are just as shimmery and the singing just as rich as any track on its LP. And hey, the price is right.

As the title proudly declares, it’s a tribute to soul-diva and GRAMMY-award collector Anita Baker. The mixtape’s first song, “Black Fact,” retools the music from Baker’s single “Sweet Love.” It sounds like THEESatisfaction hybridized the track with music from a Nintendo Game Boy: It’s whimsical but still groovy.

That analogy applies throughout. The brevity of the tracks and the tape as a whole can feel a bit light. It’s best to think of this as a cherry on top of an excellent first album.

Free download/stream: http://goo.gl/aEypE

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