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1: “Game of Thrones” or “Mad Men” — or neither ­— and why?

Alison Atwell: After watching both trailers, I still have no idea what’s supposed to be happening in either. Really, this is a question about subject matter: Fantasy or Advertising? I say, aren’t they the same thing? That’s right, I just went all Don Draper on you.

Andrew Gospe: “Mad Men,” partly because I haven’t watched “Game of Thrones,” but also because the writing is fantastic, the costumes are sharp, and there’s something strangely endearing about Don Draper’s rampant alcoholism and casual misogyny.

Michael Lantz: Sadly, I haven’t really gotten around to watching either. Yet what I’ve watched of “Mad Men” I’ve loved, and I think it’s a little more my style than “Game of Thrones.” I hear both are really good at downplaying misogyny.

Jillian Stampher: Neither. I just had both explained to me and tuned out halfway through, so clearly they aren’t worth watching.

2: What was your best pop culture experience over the break?

Alison: I slept on a couch for three days straight while my friends played Skyrim. Does that count?

Andrew: Spring break was epic, man: My bros and I road-tripped to Cabo in my friend Chaz’s dad’s Range Rover, and I totally ran into Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.

Michael: I finally started reading Keith Richards’ autobiography, “Life.” It gives all the details on life with The Stones, but, aside from that, it’s also a really genuine and terrific memoir.

Jillian: I was in a car for more than 30 hours listening to choice music from Yakima residents. Besides the sing-a-longs which ensued, my favorite was a song that repeated “ganja man” continuously for three minutes.

3: What are your thoughts on the (im)possibility of a White Stripes reunion?

Alison: So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Andrew: It’s not terribly surprising — Jack White has always dabbled in other projects — and they’ll probably reunite in five to 10 years anyway to make bank headlining Coachella.

Michael: About five years ago I had tickets to see them but they canceled, so that was a disappointment. Now Jack White seems pretty content on doing his own thing, but he’s been playing a lot of their songs on his solo tour. So that is good enough for me.

Jillian: Though Jack White has continually said there is no chance, they probably will. But of course, they will wait long enough for everyone to miss them and then will announce their one and only reunion tour.

4: What’s the weirdest piece of art you’ve experienced, and why?

Alison: I went to the DXARTS Ph.D. students’ exhibit at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery last quarter, and I spent a good amount of time trying to wrap my head around the installation in which the viewer walks through a room full of rock salt and there are light bulbs hanging from the ceiling that flicker and intensify with activity.

Andrew: I took a DXARTS class my freshman year, and the professor showed us some of the electronic music he had been working on. Even though he used a complicated algorithm to generate the sounds, it sounded like a random series of clicks and buzzing noises. I was confused, to say the least.

Michael: I watched “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” over break. I can’t really explain the weirdness via written word and make ittional.

Jillian: I remember going to the Seattle Art Musuem and staring at piece of art worth thousands of dollars titled “Scribbles from a handful of colored pencils” and reminiscing about my own similar drawings from preschool.

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