Battle Royale

1. How do you think the Huskies will fare on National Signing Day?

Josh: It wasn’t a great year for in-state recruits, but I look at it as a down year. And although it’s disappointing, one down year won’t do the program in.

Taylor: I think they’ll pull a couple receivers that will be nice, but overall, it’s been a down year in recruiting for Sark and Co. That recruiting fence around the state of Washington that Sarkisian said he wanted to build has definitely been knocked down a bit. That being said, he’s done a great job of hiring assistant coaches, and it’s tough to recruit when you have a vast coaching staff change.

Pete: It hurts to lose so many good in-state players (Zach Banner, KeiVarae Russell, Josh Garnett). Steve Sarkisian’s “fence around the state of Washington” was definitely not evidenced this year after losing those guys.

Ryan: If the Huskies could have landed Zach Banner, it would have strengthened the class. Even if they got him, they need to keep more in-state recruits from being snatched up by other schools, especially conference rivals.

2. Who is the closer on the UW men’s basketball team?

Josh: C.J. Wilcox. Not because he hit the two game-winning free throws at Arizona, but because he has shown an increasing ability to hit a shot from everywhere on the court — including dribble-drives to the hoop.

Taylor: Terrence Ross. I’ve just been waiting for the dude to step up and be that guy. After he hit that wet 18-footer in the closing seconds against Arizona, it was about time. T-Rozay can be unstoppable, and if he combines that with some ice in his veins, watch out.

Pete: I still think it’s Terrence Ross. Tony Wroten played well against the Arizona schools, especially defensively down the stretch. But oftentimes at the end of close games, you have to settle for a perimeter shot, which isn’t one of his strengths. T-Ross is still who I trust most with the ball in that situation.

Ryan: Never have I been so reluctant to label anyone a closer since the days of Bobby Ayala, but I think it’s C.J. Wilcox. Returning from a stress fracture (not a moment too soon), the sophomore drained some clutch free throws over the weekend in Arizona.

3. If the Giants win the Super Bowl, will Eli Manning be more accomplished than Peyton?

Josh: Isn’t winning the ultimate test of a quarterback? Peyton is a better quarterback, but the last time I checked, two Super Bowls is greater than one; i.e., Eli is more accomplished.

Taylor: If you’re using Super Bowl rings as a measuring stick, then yeah, but otherwise no. Let’s give Eli a few more years and see how he fares. Eli could leave the Giants next year and they wouldn’t go 2-14. The Colts, on the other hand, did just that without Peyton. Just shows how incredible Peyton is.

Pete: Yes, but let’s not discredit what Peyton has accomplished. A win Sunday would give Eli more Super Bowl victories — which is essentially what quarterbacks are paid to do — but on the whole, Peyton’s career has been more impressive. And by that, I mean his commercials are better.

Ryan: Not even close. Super Bowl rings are huge for Eli’s legacy, but the numbers don’t lie. Peyton’s career stats blow his younger brother’s out of the water. Not to mention, Peyton has four MVPs to Eli’s zero.

4. Was LeBron’s dunk over John Lucas III Sunday the best yet this year?

Josh: Probably, but his bike is way cooler.

Taylor: I’m giving the nod to Gerald Wallace and his epic windmill against the Lakers earlier this month. Crashtastic.

Pete: Without a question. I think that dunk goes down in history, potentially as one of the most epic of all time. It was a complete display of how freakish of an athlete LeBron is.

Ryan: Sometimes we try to explain things that are beyond words by using a whole bunch of words, so … yeah.

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