Battle Royale

1. Where does Chris Polk stack up on a list of best UW football players of all time?

Josh: There’s been some amazing players that have come through the UW and you can put Polk right up there with any of them. He’s meant more to this team than any other player in the last decade, including Jake Locker.

Taylor: War Daddy is definitely high up there. If he stayed another year, he could have been the best UW back ever. But I think he made the right choice.

Jacob: He’s definitely a Husky Hall of Fame guy and arguably the best running back the UW’s ever had. Where would this program be without him? Maybe four wins this year?

Pete: He’s definitely in elite company. I consider him the best Washington running back of all time, and perhaps if he would have played on a 1990s Husky powerhouse team, he could have been No. 1.

2. What are your thoughts on the hire of Justin Wilcox as defensive coordinator?

Josh: Well damn, copy editors have already gotten Justin and C.J. Wilcox mixed up and they aren’t even involved in the same sport. I don’t blame them, either.

Taylor: Haven’t heard much about him, but it’ll be hard to do worse than 67 points and 777 yards on the opposing stat box.

Jacob: Grand slam hire. Arguably the best person they could’ve gotten.

Pete: I love it. Bringing in a defensive staff from the SEC, where defense is the staple, makes me feel confident for the future.

3. Has the UW basketball team put its woes behind it?

Josh: If the focus continues to be on defense then the only direction will be up for this team. A weak Pac-12 won’t hurt, either.

Taylor: Too early to tell, but they are certainly meshing better. The defense was impressive over the weekend against the Oregon teams, and if it can keep that up, look out.

Jacob: It’s hard to say. The team’s certainly starting to gel, but I could see another stumbling block or two.

Pete: It’s too early to say. With the way the UW has played on the road this season, Utah and Colorado could both be trap games. If the Huskies can win those two and get even more momentum going, I think they will be in good shape to bounce back and have a chance to make the Pac-12 theirs this season.

4. What do you want to see from the sports world in 2012?

Josh: I want to see Taylor dunk. I understand there are some things that will never happen, though.

Taylor: The Blazers winning it all.

Jacob: Usain Bolt goes sub-nine seconds … in the 200 meters. Summer Olympics, baby!

Pete: I’d like to see Brandon Roy join Lorenzo Romar’s coaching staff for next year. Sure, it’s a long shot, but it would be pretty sweet. B-Roy had to wear a suit on the sidelines too much during his short career because he was injured, so seeing him in a suit for the right reason back at the UW is my 2012 sports wish.

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