Restaurant review: Yogurtland

Yogurtland has a new location in the U-District. Photo by Carly Backman

Yogurtland, the original have-it-your-way self-serve yogurt franchise, has finally come to the Ave, granting die-hard yogurt fans the sweet relief of no longer having to bus all the way to Capitol Hill to get their fix. Any of you thinking that Yunnie’s or Menchie’s, both nearby, can keep you satisfied are about to learn that Yogurtland is Yogurtland, and there is no substitute.

The Yogurtland motto stands simply: “You rule.” Manager Tony Archer explained that this all has to do with the fact that the customer rules the entire experience. Yogurtland boasts a total of 60 flavors, served in cycles of 16 at a time. Each flavor is originally developed by the chain’s very own flavor connoisseur, who works to perfect every individual flavor to make it a Yogurtland original. They carry everything from the classic tart flavor to peanut butter and jelly — and yeah, it tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’ll blow your mind, guaranteed. You might just find yourself sampling all 16 flavors and settling on one, or opting for a PB&J and Pumpkin Pie swirl topped off with Blackberry Mint Lemon Tart. Or whatever.

All right, now you’re only halfway there. After choosing the base of your creation, you are confronted with a plethora of random toppings. Feelin’ cereal on top? Syrup? Candy? Fruit? Just feel like buying an 8-ounce cup of M&Ms? Feel anything but shame; at Yogurtland you don’t have to fear judgment, and the possibilities are endless.

The wait may seem daunting, but don’t let this discourage you; it goes faster than you think. Along with a multitude of decisions and a vibrant, upbeat environment (everything is a blinding lime-green color), Yogurtland is open as late as midnight on weekends, averaging 12 hours a day.

And to top it all off, each cup — including yogurt, toppings, etc. — is charged per ounce, which is great for those of us who are feeling indecisive and want to try a little bit of it all. At 35 cents an ounce, you’re really getting the bang for your buck. I challenge you to buy more than 5 bucks of yogurt and finish it. On second thought, that’s a lot of yogurt. Maybe don’t do it.

Yogurtland is not for the wavering or the weak-minded. Here you choose everything, from what goes into your cup to which Hello Kitty character gets to grace the top of your neon-colored spoon. In essence: Brace yourselves, and consider your fantasy yogurt concoction already fulfilled. Have at it.

The verdict: At only 35 cents an ounce, with a wide array of flavors and toppings from which to choose, Yogurtland may as well be dubbed the unsurpassed frozen yogurt store on the Ave.

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