Campaign violations filed against 20 of 21 candidates in ASUW elections

All but one candidate had a violation filed against them in this year’s ASUW elections.

Online voting for the elections ended last night, and Willie Cavecche, chair of the ASUW Elections Administration Committee (EAC), filed violations against 20 of the 21 candidates running for a position on the ASUW Board of Directors for not turning in their midcampaign financial disclosure form by the May 2 deadline. According to the EAC Candidate Packet, noncompliance in submission of financial-disclosure forms on time with receipts attached counts as a major election violation.

Cavecche said he would not comment on the violations.

Violations can include anything from not following campaign spending limits to campaigning in university buildings without permission. Along with the financial-disclosure form violation, only one other violation has been filed in this year’s elections against the Imagine UW ticket for writing on the ground with chalk in front of Meany Hall during the Miss Greek pageant. Violations are reviewed by the ASUW judicial committee, which will determine a consequence.

Three violations were filed in last year’s elections.

Besides almost every candidate committing a violation, campaigning this year has not been out of the ordinary.

Cavecche said that the three tickets in the election — Imagine UW, Huskies United and Our Future — haven’t used any overwhelming campaign tactics this year but said he believes that there will be a higher voter turnout this year.

“I am extremely confident about raising voter levels,” Cavecche said. “We have a very active set of candidates this year that have really made an effort to get out the vote.”

Results of the election will be announced in the Quad tomorrow at 7 p.m.

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