Easy brewing

Easy Brewing from Lucas Anderson on Vimeo.

No, this isn’t the 1920s, and the only “Noble Experiment” going on here is a first attempt at making an all-grain beer. This is homebrewing, and a surprising number of UW students are making use of their DIY skills, love of cooking, and chemistry degrees to produce their own beer at home. Using anything from a couple buckets and a gas range to specialized equipment and skills, the brewers pump out beers more micro than microbrew, each with their own flavor, smell and color that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s fun, surprisingly easy, and built around a community of people who really just enjoy drinking and sharing good beer (even with reporters on the job). Ultimately, it’s just grain, water, yeast and having a good time. So, as they say, sit back, relax and have a homebrew.

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