Campus watch: A fraternity in trouble, a banned beverage and the loss of a student

A Yale fraternity’s offensive pledge activity, the ban of a certain beverage in a New Jersey college and the death of a Pace University student were just some of the news from college campuses across the nation this week.

Yale fraternity rebuked for offensive chants

Yale’s Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity pledges and leaders came under fire last week after pledges were heard yelling obscene chants throughout the campus.

One such chant was, “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I f--- dead women,” according to CTnow.com.

DKE International Fraternity executive director Doug Lanpher is flying out this week to talk to the fraternity. The chapter has also been asked to suspend all pledge activities.

The leaders at the fraternity “knew immediately that it was a bad decision and they regret it… The guys from the chapter have been very cooperative, understanding,” Lanpher said to CTnow.com.

According to the Yale Women’s Center, the chants are “hate speech” and “an active call to violence,” lemondrop.com reported.

The Yale Women’s Center Board also sent a letter to the Yale Daily News saying, “for survivors of sexual violence and their allies, this chant serves as a jarring reminder that Yale is not always a safe place for women. For everyone on Yale’s campus, this sets a tone for our community’s sexual culture that is at best irreverent, and at worst, violent.”

Caffeinated alcoholic beverages banned at Ramapo College in New Jersey

While a bottle of beer may have between three and seven percent alcohol, Four Loko — which gained popularity earlier this year — has 12 percent alcohol and doubles as an energy drink. Not to mention, a can sells for less than $3.

All these components, plus the drink’s fruity flavor, have made Four Loko fairly popular with students, many of whom call it a “blackout in a can.” Now, after 23 alcohol-related hospitalizations this school year, Ramapo College has decided to ban Four Loko—along with all other caffeinated, alcoholic beverages, according to The Record.

“The bottom line on the product is it gets you very drunk, very quick,” Chief James Batelli said to The Record. “To me, Four Loko is just a dangerous substance.”

The Washington Post cited several studies related to alcoholic energy drinks, including a Wake Forest study that said the mix of caffeine and alcohol makes the drinker more likely to hurt him or herself. And, according to Inside Higher Ed, drinking a Four Loko can be likened to consuming “three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso.”

Pace University student allegedly shot by police

After striking two officers with his car over the weekend, police officers shot at Pace University student Danroy Henry Jr.’s car, killing the 20-year-old football player, according to CNN.com.

After responding to reports of a brawl at a nearby bar, police saw a car accelerate in the fire lane. When an officer attempted to stop the vehicle, Henry, the car’s driver, allegedly hit him, with the officer ending up on the hood. A second officer was also hit after trying to help the first officer. They then allegedly shot at the car, killing Henry.

Donna Parks, the mother of Brandon Cox, Henry’s friend who was also wounded at the scene, spoke out on Monday.

“These boys have never been suspended or arrested,” Parks told CNN. “They’ve done everything that we as parents have asked them to do.”

She claimed that her son told her that Henry had thought the officers only wanted him to move the car, and that “another police officer with his gun drawn just ran out in front of DJ’s [Henry’s] car,” according to CNN.

A vigil was held for Henry at Pace University on Sunday night, CNN reported.

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