ASUW election results announced: McKenna wins president


President-elect Madeleine McKenna cries as she is congratulated after the announcement of the results of the ASUW elections.

Results for ASUW elections were announced at 7 p.m. tonight. Below is a breakdown of votes per candidate. Winners were determined through voting rounds through a system called Instant Runoff Voting.

According to vote.asuw.org, "Instant Runoff Voting is a system that guarantees the winning candidate has a majority of the votes (instead of a plurality) and eliminates the "wasted vote syndrome" caused by third party candidates. It allows voters to rank the candidates by preference on a single ballot (first, second, third choice, etc.), so it can simulate an "instant" runoff election if no candidate has a majority of the votes."

Look for a more comprehensive breakdown and reactions in tomorrow's print Daily.


Madeleine McKenna (One Campus): 2,599

Jilberto (Beto) Soto (Team Legacy): 1,816

Chris Teeny (Vote Big): 1,284

Kyle Fuller (Husky Nation): 497

Sam Martin: 296

Vice President

Eric Shellan (One Campus): 2,271

Dalia Amin (Team Legacy): 1,898

Shauna Stadnik (Vote Big): 1,468

Sarah Chow (Husky Nation): 485

Director of Community Relations

Yong Cho (Team Legacy): 2,087

Tunny Vann (One Campus): 2,023

Pasha Kazerouni (Husky Nation): 1,072

Director of Diversity Efforts

Ben Lealofi (Team Legacy): 2,456

Ty Huynh Chhor (One Campus): 1,696

Kyle Rapinan (Husky Nation): 890

Director of Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs

Jedediah Bradley (One Campus): 4,016

Director of Operations

Sarah Round (One Campus): 3,911

Director of Organizational Relations

Jonathan Yan (One Campus): 2,125

Nick Booher (Team Legacy):2,003

Rory Raabe (Husky Nation): 927

Director of Programming

Sam Weinstein (Team Legacy): 2,088

Jocelyn McCurtain (One Campus): 2,026

Evelyn Jensen (Husky Nation): 640

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