Prosecutors appeal for tougher sentence for Amanda Knox

As the deadline approaches for UW student Amanda Knox to file her appeal, prosecutors in the case requested a tougher sentence yesterday in an appeal of their own.

“While we are obviously disappointed that the prosecutor has filed an appeal regarding the sentences of Amanda and Rafaelle, we are focusing on submitting the appeal documents for Amanda on Saturday,” said Cassandra Knox, Amanda Knox’s stepmother, via e-mail.

Amanda Knox and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito received 26- and 25-year sentences, respectively, in the Dec. 5, 2009, decision. Both were found guilty in the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, who lived with Amanda Knox while they were studying abroad in Perugia, Italy.

ABC News reported that prosecutors Giuliano Mignini and Manuela Comodi said in the appeal that judges in the case failed to consider an important “aggravating circumstance,” which would likely have lead to life imprisonment. Judges in the case wrote that the offense was not premeditated and that Amanda Knox did not feel animosity for Kercher. Prosecutors argued in their appeal that a motive was not identified in the sentencing, which in the Italian justice system can be grounds for an increased sentence, ABC reported.

Additionally, ABC reported that the appeal objected to the attenuating circumstances considered in the case. The defendants’ ages and lack of previous criminal records, among other character attributes, were noted in the original sentencing report.

The deadline for appeals in the case is April 20, at which time the court system will schedule the new trial that is expected to begin this fall.

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