HUB bookstore to move to Odegaard library


Vicky Mason, a cashier at the U-Bookstore in the HUB, has mixed feelings about working in Odegaard during the HUB’s renovation.

The HUB bookstore is moving to a temporary space in Odegaard Library due to the HUB renovations that will begin this summer. The HUB bookstore will close around the time of commencement, June 12, while the Odegaard store is expected to open in late May.

The bookstore will be behind the information center on the main floor of Odegaard. The space was formerly a copy center but is currently a study room.

There weren’t many options, said Bryan Pearce, CEO of the University Book Store. Space is at a premium on campus, especially as the HUB remodel forces businesses to leave by June. If not for Odegaard, the HUB store would be closed, and the nearest resource for students would be the flagship store on the Ave.

A trailer kept on the HUB lawn during construction was one option, said Jonathan Day, the HUB bookstore’s manager.

However, accessibility was a concern. “Not too many people will visit a construction site to shop,” Day said.

The library and the bookstore are very compatible, said Jill McKinstry, director of Odegaard Library and University Book Store board member.

“We deal with books and technology and try to support students in whatever they need to do in their academic work,” McKinstry said. “Students do a lot of producing and creating when they’re here, and they always seem to be needing that one item that they don’t have.”

McKinstry said that student access to this merchandise on campus would be impossible without the move.

At roughly one-third of the size of the HUB store, the Odegaard location won’t be able to carry as many items, and Pearce said the merchandise at the store will be based on student feedback. Students can expect to see an array of products such as jump drives, CDs, snacks and Husky gear.

“I think it’s a better location,” said senior Case Beaman, who shops at the HUB store about once a month. “I don’t think it’ll change the library atmosphere too much … but they’ll probably get more business.”

The store will be in the same building as the ByGeorge Café and Newsstand, which are on Odegaard’s ground floor, but the businesses don’t anticipate much competition.

“We don’t have merchandise like souvenirs,” said Kayvon Zadeh, an employee of the ByGeorge Newsstand. “It’s just like the HUB with the bookstore and newsstand there: different demographics.”

Pearce said that there will be minor overlaps between the businesses but that they will complement each other.

The Odegaard bookstore will remain open until Summer 2012, in time for the scheduled re-opening of the HUB that fall.

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