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Ian's Domain at McCarty Hall

When describing the authentic college experience, dorms often what come to mind. The UW contains seven residence halls that offer everything from sweeping views of Lake Washington at Haggett to video game access in McCarty to foosball tournaments in the Lander basement. Here’s the low down on each residence hall.


A dorm exclusively for freshmen, Lander is the site of the South Campus Academic Resource Center. Math and chemistry tutoring is provided as well as other academic services. Rooms are equipped with Internet access, there are study rooms on every floor as well as the fishtank in the lobby, and a windowed study room fitted with plush couches and desks. For entertainment purposes, there are covered basketball hoops, a game room and a widescreen TV.


Also geared for freshmen, Terry is the watering hole of south campus as it is home to the Eleven 01 Café. Many students are seen dining and congregating around the widescreen TV to cheer on the Huskies. It caters to the pre-health community but furnishes a friendly environment for all incoming students.

Stevens Court

Ideal for international students, Stevens Court remains open during holidays and breaks.

“It was apartment style living with six other girls. It worked out really well for us because it was personalized, and we had a lot of space,” said Tamara Thorhallsson of her experience in Stevens Court as a freshman. Double-occupancy apartments are available for students 18 and older, while students must be 19 years of age to inhabit a single room. The privacy of single and double rooms is offset by bedroom configurations of four and six that all share a common lounge and kitchenette.


Mercer is located in the south campus area. For the more athletically inclined, Mercer includes a volleyball court and a large recreational field. Like Stevens Court, it offers single rooms in addition to doubles.

“I liked the close quarters because I got to know my floor mates really well,” said senior Kali Witherspoon. “I remember on the first day of school a big mob of people knocked on every single door to introduce themselves. It also helped that my roommate and I were mindful to keep our door open. Then, if people were bored after class, they could just stop by and chat.”


Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing dorm, McMahon offers doubles and singles for returning students as well as freshmen. Complete with vegetarian cuisine, its eating area provides a wide variety of food from pizza to an entrée of salmon and rice. It houses the arts community, a fitness center and a musical practice room with a piano. McMahon is also known for the cluster system, a multiple-bedroom and one bathroom configuration.

“It really helps your transition to an apartment,” said Sonali Shah, adding that it keeps the balance between complete interaction with floor mates and the relative privacy of apartment living.


Furnishing single and double rooms, Haggett is home to the international, business and Substance and Alcohol Free Environment (SAFE) communities. It also provides a lounge with a grand piano, game equipment and a fireplace. Haggett’s large outdoor patio is the ideal place to soak up the sun.


This residence hall is home to the North Campus Academic Resource Center as well as the honors and engineering communities. Ian’s Domain, an Internet café, contains computers and a high-definition TV where sports fans can lounge on the couch to watch their favorite team or gamers can congregate to reach the next level of Guitar Hero. McCarty hosts double and triple rooms as well as a ping-pong and pool table.

Hansee Hall

Hansee Hall not only features breathtaking Tudor architecture, but it is also located at the northernmost part of campus. Aside from its proximity to the Greek community, it is next to several volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. Hansee abides by a 24-hour quiet rule, with the exception of serenades on the grand piano and the crackling of the fireplace. Hansee is home to mostly upperclassmen and enforces a minimum age of 19.

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