Letter from the Editor

Yesterday, The Daily’s Web site received the most comments it has had in a very long time, all for one reason. That reason was The Daily’s endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, which spurred a flood of comments, e-mails and letters to the editor.

Just as I was proud when the editorial board finished its deliberations about the gubernatorial candidates and made a final decision, I was proud when the comments and e-mails started pouring in. I was proud because the response meant that not only had we gone forward with an opinion we thought was right even though it was not of the local majority, our readers had also felt they had the freedom to respond. At a student paper, at any newpaper, this is invaluable. Just as we have the right to print our opinions in the opinion section, you have the right to have your opinion heard too. We are your paper. As a newspaper, our job is to provide information that can aid informed decision-making, and like all endorsements, the editorial board’s decision was a reflection of the members of the board, not the entire Daily staff.

I was glad to know that the board’s opinion had been read, digested and had sparked a discussion on campus. And, if nothing else, I hoped that the discussion would raise awareness of our impending Election Day. So, keep reading and keep writing. We are your paper, and your opinion has just as much weight in the paper as that of our editorial board. You have the right to disagree and you have the right to agree. Just keep letting us know what you think.

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