The Daily Editorial Board endorses Dino Rossi

Editors’ Note: The Daily will be endorsing local initiatives and candidates all week. Read and consider our perspective and, as always, we welcome your letters.

The Daily recommends Dino Rossi as the next Washington State governor. In tough economic times, we need a candidate who can balance the budget and Dino is our guy. He’s smart, he’s savvy and he had the know-how to help Gary Locke get out of economic anguish in 2003.

For four years under Christine Gregoire, the budget was balanced. But the viaduct has remained in its status quo and the Sonics are gone.

Yes, more children are now insured, but she also increased spending by 85 percent within her own office.

Next year, when her plans really go into effect, the state will have about a $3 billion deficit — the largest in our state history.

Rossi, on the other hand, plans to cut taxes for small businesses to stimulate our economy, so that Washington’s high rate of failed small businesses will cease to grow larger.

When possible, Rossi plans to give the money back to us by cutting our taxes.

Rossi has a viable plan to fix Washington state’s severe transportation problems. His plans target the most severe congestion spots like the 520 bridge and I-405. He also wants to give incentives for driving hybrid cars and other green products.

Rossi has stated that he won’t cut money from education and other areas that will surely lose him votes. But Gregoire’s education plan was an excuse to throw money at the K-12 system and cut $10 million from the UW budget.

The money-throwing doesn’t fix the underlying problems our state faces, and we’d like to see Rossi make a change.

— The Daily Editorial Board

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