Hooray for more distractions on Facebook

Procrastinators and Facebook addicts, rejoice! Facebook has given us another wonderful tool to distract us from our studies.

Facebook chat is quite an ingenious development. The chat feature is now included on the Facebook Web site. In fact, it’s integrated in the browser whenever and wherever you’re on Facebook.

This is great. I don’t have to add a stupid application, be forced to invite 20 friends to use the feature or risk being “that annoying guy” who unknowingly and incessantly sends out application invitations to his entire friends list.

This makes it so easy to use. Come on, the little box is just sitting right there. Distraction is only one click away.

By logging onto the chat system you can see who else is online. This is just another reward of using Facebook chat. It will start with, “Oh, I’ll just go online for a second just to see who else is online.”

We all know how that ends up.

The chatting experience itself is actually very good. The process is simple and easy to learn. One big plus is that I no longer have to worry about long online conversations via the wall or private messages. We all know how annoying it is when your wall has been taken over by one person.

I must admit that Facebook’s chat system has brought back fond memories of using AOL Instant Messenger. The great thing is that people don’t tYpE lYkE tHiS anymore. Thank goodness Facebook is overpopulated with college kids and not middle schoolers.

However, some things from AIM that Facebook chat will not revive are the awesome screen names. From now on, I have to identify myself with the bland username “Dennis Tat” rather than “xxsExYaZnboiixx.” I miss seventh grade.

Another new feature that comes with the chat system is the notifications tab. Now I am instantly able to see when I get a new notification. I no longer have to constantly click the home button or refresh the home page every 10 seconds, hoping for a new notification. Funny thing is, I still do it.

Facebook stalkers will also be happy. While chatting with someone, your stalker feed — er, I mean, news feed — will be displayed in the chat box. So if you need to keep close tabs on someone, you don’t need to visit their profile page — just open up a chat box. This feature makes Facebook stalking a much more complex activity because you can stalk multiple people with just one browser open.

How convenient.

The chat system is a great addition to the list of distractions that Facebook already provides. So make sure before you start studying to click that little red circle and make it green.

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