Mi Charrito Taqueris


Andrea Lopez Avila prepares lunch at Mi Charrito Taqueria on Northeast 45th Street and the Ave.


Mi Charrito Taqueria customer Carlos Garces enjoys chile verde for his lunch.

Mi Charrito Taqueria has been serving up authentic-style Mexican food to U-District residents for nearly three years. The service is fast and friendly, and you can usually count on ordering directly from restaurant owner Ernesto Garay.

The expansive menu includes classic Mexican fare as well as a number of more inventive combinations.

Mi Charrito’s house specialty, the potato burrito, is a flour tortilla filled with potatoes, onions, cheese, salsa, scrambled, eggs, rice and beans. Although it could likely feed a small family, it costs a mere $4.25.

“The mole is definitely my favorite,” sophomore Andrea Roberts said. “I get it every time.”

The mole enchilada is a delicious offering of two corn tortillas filled with chicken and topped with mole poblano sauce and served with a side of rice and beans. The dish is priced at $7; most entrees fall somewhere in the $6-8 range.

Roberts is part of a group of students that dine at the taqueria every week to practice their Spanish.

“It’s nice because the owner will always speak to us in Spanish; it’s good practice,” Roberts said.

Mi Charrito’s television set provides additional language practice, as a soccer game is usually playing in Spanish.

Senior Jonathan Thames shared Roberts’ sentiments.

“The owner is really friendly and the atmosphere is casual,” Thames said. “The food is great and seems to be really authentic.”

The authenticity of Mi Charrito’s offerings is likely a product of the owner’s background. Garay, who is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, cites his family as a major influence in the food he serves.

“Many of the dishes are my grandmother’s recipes,” he said.

Mi Charrito chef Maria Jimenez has also contributed some of her own creations to the menu.

Thames cited combination No. 4 as his favorite. The dish includes a chicken enchilada and tamale served with a side of rice and beans. This combo, like everything else served at the taqueria, is dished up in a huge portion that barely fits onto a single plate, so make sure to arrive with an appetite.

If you can somehow manage to save a little room, Mi Charrito also offers a selection of delicious desserts that include churros with whipped cream, fried ice cream and an incredibly rich Mexican cinnamon hot chocolate. These delicacies cost just a few dollars and are the perfect way to top off a great meal.

Ultimately, the mission at Mi Charrito Taqueria is a simple one.

“I just wanted to open a small place where I could serve people good food,” Garay said.


Mi Charrito Taqueria is located at 1312 45th St. and is open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

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