Lizzy (left) and Vincent Labelle savor their donuts at Mighty-O in Tangletown near Greenlake.


Mighty-O employee Sara Russert restocks a plate of donuts last Saturday morning. Mighty-O Donuts in Tangletown near Greenlake uses purely organic ingredients to make their donuts.

It’s not often that you come across a donut shop concerned with the health benefits of its ingredients or the environmental impact of its products. But that’s just what you’ll find at Mighty O Donuts.

The shop’s donuts are made using certified organic ingredients and include no chemical preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial colorings or flavors and no animal-derived ingredients, making them cholesterol-free. In other words, the frosting on the Raspberry Riot (a vanilla cake donut with raspberry frosting) is red because it’s made from raspberries, not because of Red Dye #40.

Although Mighty-O’s donuts are vegan-friendly, don’t think for a second that this takes anything away from the taste.

“Not only do the organic ingredients make you feel better afterwards, but they actually improve the taste,” retail bakery manager Sara Beth Russert said.

Mighty-O is located at 2110 N. 55th St. in the Wallingford neighborhood and is open seven days a week. If transportation is a problem, don’t worry, because their donuts are also delivered daily to many on-campus locations including the HUB and the 8 at McMahon.

Mighty-O’s menu includes an impressive selection of both classic and more inventive offerings. Among their classics are the Good Ol’ Glazed, a glazed vanilla cake donut, the Cocoloco, a cinnamon sugar cake donut, and the Chocolate Top, a chocolate frosted cake donut.

However, the specialty donuts are customer favorites. The specialties includes the French Toast, a maple-frosted spice donut, and the Don King, a glazed chocolate cake donut topped with coconut, which bears a striking resemblance to the boxing promoter.

“My favorite has to be the Lemon Poppyseed,” Mighty-O regular Samantha Stewart said. Stewart is not a vegan and said she eats at Mighty-O simply because the donuts taste good.

Russert said that although the customers are primarily regulars from the community, they get a lot of vegans from out of town that go out of their way to visit the store.

One thing that stands out when you step into Mighty-O is the healthy appearance of both their employees and customers. Mighty-O is generally filled with fit, young Seattleites enjoying an organic donut and cup of fair-trade coffee. This may simply be a matter of metabolism, as Russert says she eats at least a donut a day and many employees eat many more throughout their shifts.

Mighty-O’s donuts are easily affordable on a student’s budget with prices ranging from $1.15 to $1.65. If you’re looking for a real bargain, visit the shop between four and five for happy hour, when donuts are half off.

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