First-Class Sushi is Now Just around the Corner


Village Sushi sports many signature rolls, including the Angry Dragon, which includes eel, cream cheese and crab.


Located at 4741 12th Avenue NE, jazz-themed Village Sushi has both tables and a cozy sushi bar.

By Joseph Darda


Village Sushi recently opened in the building previously occupied by Tibet First, and offers customers a wide selection of fine Japanese cuisine.

Village Sushi’s extensive menu features a wide assortment of sushi rolls, including classic, spicy classic, vegetarian and their house signatures. The sushi bar’s signature rolls include the Angry Dragon roll, with eel, cream cheese, avocado and crab, and their inventive Thai-ger Trio roll, which is a classic California roll topped with three pieces of shrimp and Thai sauce. All of the rolls are handmade in front of you at the restaurant’s bar, and the freshness of the ingredients employed is apparent.

University District resident Kristen Koba arrived at Village Sushi’s cozy, house-like location expecting to try the Tibetan food offered by the location’s previous establishment, but was pleasantly surprised by what she found.

“I’ve explored other sushi places in the area, but the quality and atmosphere were nothing like this,” Koba said.

Village Sushi’s decor is both pleasant and unique, with a distinctive jazz theme. Paintings of jazz musicians line the walls, and a case displays a trumpet and a collection of jazz vinyl albums by artists such as Thelonious Monk and Bill Evans. In addition, Village Sushi plays an assortment of classic jazz music in its dining room, which is intimate and small, with a half-dozen tables in addition to the bar.

“The owner, Joe, is a big jazz fan, which is the reason for all of the jazz decorations,” waitress Jackie Lee said.

In addition to their diverse sushi selection, Village Sushi offers additional entrees that include a delicious Teriyaki salmon dish as well as a unique Crispy Curry Salmon Steak, a breaded salmon filet topped with a slightly spicy curry sauce. Despite the high quality of these entrees, the sushi rolls are the restaurant’s main attraction.

I recommend going with friends so you can share and sample a larger variety of items.

Village Sushi may not fit every college student’s budget, as the rolls range in price from $4 to $9, and the entrees fall in the $10 to $14 range. However, taking into account the quality of the food and the overall pleasantness of the experience, Village Sushi is well worth the few extra bucks.

In business for only a few months, Village Sushi has already established itself as the standard for University District Japanese cuisine.

“I’m a sushi addict and this is certainly the best I’ve found,” Koba said.

Village Sushi is located at 4741 12th Avenue, behind Walgreens, and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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