CAPITOL HILL: Bauhaus Coffee and Books

Feeling intellectual? Tired of corporate coffee chains taking over every street corner in Seattle? Craving some real top-notch coffee? Look no further than Bauhaus Coffee and Books on East Pine Street in Capitol Hill.

Bauhaus Coffee and Books

301 E. Pine St.

(206) 625-1600

Inspired by the Bauhaus architectural movement in 1930s Germany (which aimed to integrate art, craft and technology in design), Bauhaus was founded 14 years ago by Mike Kleeback and Joel Radin, former employees of Seattle's Best Coffee.

The cafe's most noticeable feature is its large bookshelf, complete with a sliding ladder and revolving globe. The place has a very urban beatnik feel, with a diverse range of music softly blaring as you walk in (ranging from classic rock such as Queen to the Pixies) and an ample amount of seating. It's an ideal venue to sit around and do the daily crossword puzzle, or sift through the day's papers.

Sip on San Francisco's Café Trieste espresso, nibble on their selection of locally baked pastries, and try your best to get an outdoor seat. On a pleasant day, it's the perfect place to people-watch — Bauhaus' clientele is diverse and quirky, ranging from hip young teens to middle-aged businesspeople.

"There is no target customer here, it's everybody's place," said Mis, the cafe's manager. "The way we operate is to make sure that everyone feels welcome."

While it attracts many tourists, Bauhaus, of course, also has its regulars. Those who come for the coffee say they stay for the people, music and comfortable atmosphere. For anyone looking for a relaxed hangout that sells quality coffee, Bauhaus Coffee and Books is a home away from home.

— Katie Stapleton-Paff

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