[b]I'm ready for spring fashion, but it's too cold outside for most spring clothing. What are some fun ways to incorporate new trends without freezing?[/b]

-- Ms. Spring Fever

Not to worry -- you aren't the only one facing this dilemma. The key here is layering and selecting the right type of cut and fabric for your outerwear. Be sure to select a versatile coat or jacket that can work with a variety of outfits, yet still screams spring fashion. One example is to select a knee length Victorian coat with subtle folds on the shoulders and structured curvy frills on the collar and sleeves. This way, you can pair it with a classic button down blouse and a floral print full skirt, and still stay warm in the cold!

[b]I don't have enough pants. Help![/b]

-- Mr. No Pants

Well, it's time to get some! When shopping for pants make sure you select the basics for this season -- cargos, slacks and jeans. Make sure that you try them on before you purchase them, so that they fit you well and aren't showcasing half your boxer briefs or requiring frequent adjustment. It just isn't aesthetically pleasing for the ladies to see you trying to pull up your pants while engaging in a conversation. Baggy jeans are gone. If you want a roomier fit, go with carpenter straight fit, or loose boot fit -- they do the job without emotionally scarring those around you.

Traditional slacks are a must-have for every guy in college. Whether they are worn for a semi-formal dance/dinner or a job interview, khakis and slacks will serve you well for many different occasions. Cargo pants are popular among guys since they are roomy and practical -- a nice alternative to wearing jeans.


-- Ms. Confused About Boots

How about no?? Here's why: very few people can put on a pair of Uggs and still look stunning. Since Uggs are made to be cushiony and comfy, they do not have very much form, and tend to make legs that aren't super long and lean look stumpy. This is due to not only the length of the boots, but also the thickness. Most ladies should stick with traditional leather boots with enough traction to tread the icy winter ground, and leave Uggs in their native Australia.

[b]My best friend's skirts are too short for her generous booty -- with warmer seasons approaching, I'm a little afraid! What styles can I suggest that might help her cover up while still feeling cute?[/b]

-- Ms. Concerned Friend

I absolutely sympathize with your worries -- and we have a solution for that. Even though skirts this season are made to be ultra short and sleek, there are always exceptions to these fashion trends depending on the individual. Encourage her to try on a knee-length full skirt that is made of softer fabric so that it drapes over her curves, giving her booty a modest tone-down while still flattering her body. If she insists on proudly showing her booty, have her try on a knee length pencil skirt with frills on the hem - frills are popular this season and they also detract attention from other areas of her skirt, allowing her to show off what she's got while keeping everything else under control.

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