Neuheisel censured by fellow coaches

According to the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Rick Neuheisel showed "very little remorse" for the 50 recruiting violations that took place during his four years at Colorado. The result -- Neuheisel was placed on probation by the AFCA for one year.

A violation of the probation would result in his removal from the AFCA, a step that apparently has never been taken.

Other than bad publicity, such an action is expected to have no tangible impact on the UW.

The censure came after Neuheisel explained his role in the violations before the AFCA ethics committee during its annual convention in New Orleans. (For his role in the violations that occurred in Colorado from 1995 to 1998, the NCAA has already prevented Neuheisel from making off-campus recruiting trips until May 31.)

"The problem is the NCAA report tells just one side (of the story)," Neuheisel told The Seattle Times. "I was trying to explain my side to my peers so maybe we could all benefit from my experience."

The committee, however, chaired by Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry, perceived Neuheisel's words as having a lack of remorse. In a statement, DeBerry said Neuheisel "expressed to the committee that he is not willing to take responsibility for some of the actions."

In contrast, according to CBS Sportsline, former Kentucky coach Hal Mumme went before the same committee to answer for violations that included cash payments to high school coaches, and walked away without a reprimand. The committee felt Mumme "accepted his responsibilities."

"It was unfortunate that that's the way they took my demeanor," Neuheisel said. "I didn't mean to lack remorse. I feel terrible that I have put Washington in a negative light for things that happened at Colorado, but I was just trying to convey exactly what took place."

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