UW sexpert writes quiz book for fun and learning

Do you want to find a sugar daddy or be a trophy wife? Are you unconsciously looking for a man to be your dad? Is your relationship affair-proof? These questions, and many more like them, are addressed in a new book written by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a UW sociology professor.

The Lifetime Love and Sex Quiz Book, released earlier this summer, is an entertaining look at dating, relationships and sex though various quizzes. Readers can answer the quiz questions, review the correct answers and rate themselves to see where they stand in love and sex. The book's casual and appealing style makes it both an easy and fun read, but it was not written just for entertainment.

"Unlike a lot of the quizzes that are printed in various kinds of mass media, these quizzes are guided by psychological and sociological findings," said Schwartz. The quiz book is a culmination of 30 years of experience in the fields of sociology, gender relations, family issues and sexuality.

Schwartz became interested in the field of sociology and, specifically, relationships while at Yale University working on her Ph.D.

Over the years, Schwartz has written many academic and popular books and articles, including publications in The New York Times, Glamour magazine, classmates.com and American Baby Magazine.

Schwartz's expertise ranges from topics such as how couples can improve their sex lives to advice to parents on how to approach their children regarding sex and relationships. She decided to write her recent book after seeing the popularity of her online quizzes regarding love and sex on LifetimeTV.com.

"I write in casual style for most of my publications intended for the general public. People like something interactive and easy to read. The book is written for insight and people should think about it and what they can do to change, but they should also enjoy it," said Schwartz.

The book is divided into four separate quizzes, each designed to address a separate relationship issue: dating, love, conflict and sex.

After completing the quizzes, the reader gets an evaluation, ranging from "You are still in recovery" to "You're a dating goddess" for one quiz. This is followed by detailed analyses of all questions and an explanation as to what the reader's response says about her outlook

While the book is mainly targeted to a Lifetime audience, consisting of mainly women, Schwartz said many couples are using it together as a means of discussion.

Still indulging in the success of The Lifetime Love and Sex Quiz Book, Schwartz is writing another book, The Transformation of Love, which is an academic approach to the consequences of the choices the Baby Boom generation made about sex and relationships.

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