Recount yields no change for Chen

After three counts of the votes cast in the ASUW elections last week, Ken Chen is still one vote away from sitting on the Board of Directors (BOD).

Two recounts on Thursday, May 10, before the results were announced both gave Alex Narvaez a single-vote lead, securing her place as the seventh BOD winning candidate. Chen and Dustin Jones, the ASUW Elections Administration Committee (EAC) chair, discussed the potential for a recount Friday. Chen asked, in writing, for the votes to be recounted, which they were, starting Monday morning at 10 a.m. By 2 p.m. the vote difference between Narvaez and Chen had not changed.

"It came out to be exactly the same for Alex (Narvaez) and Ken's (Chen) totals," said Jones. He added that the recount, which recounted all votes cast in all races, did not change the order in which any other candidates finished.

The EAC also posted last night a list of all the violations filed during the weeks of campaigning. The only major violations during the race involved the non-filing of final financial disclosure forms by the 5 p.m. Friday deadline. Three candidates, John Liang, Jon Lee and Paulette Jordan, all BOD candidates, were slapped with the financial disclosure violations.

In total, 50 complaints were filed, mostly by the EAC. A series of e-mail complaints were submitted by presidential candidate Stephanie Simpson and Megan Ruff, who both sat on the Judicial Committee last year. The complaints stem from a 21-recipient e-mail sent by Mike Tuncap, a member of ASUW President-elect Danica You's campaign. The mass e-mail endorses You and vice presidential candidate Will Rasmussen, along with a slate of BOD candidates. The point of contention is a signature attached to the e-mail where Tuncap lists his title as director of the Pacific Islander Student Commission.

The complaints from Simpson and Ruff listed BOD candidates Narvaez, Ayako Christopher, Rita Gobran, Paulette Jordan, Rory McLeod, Elizabeth Webber and Noah Knodle. Narvaez, Christopher, Gobran, Webber and Knodle won BOD seats.

Of the seven Tuncap endorsements, four have been involved in same type of minority organization at the UW.

Lawn-sign violations also accounted for 22 violations. Ricky Dhatt and Chris Langston, a large force behind the squirrel campaign, were also slapped with four violations. Rob Jones, a write-in candidate that earned 14 votes, was the recipient of two complaints; one complaint was for chalking and another for destroying other campaign signs.

On Thursday the Judicial Committee will meet to hear the complaints. The committee is charged with determining which complaints are serious and how or whether to reprimand candidates.

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