Nevada Bachelors/Owsley/Fountains of Wayne

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    Monday night's show at the Crocodile boasted a dream lineup for pop lovers that translated into an unforgettable show for music fans alike.

    Opening up for the two touring acts were Seattle's own Nevada Bachelors. Claiming they couldn't compete with the poppiness of the bands to follow them, they decided to "play rock 'n roll." And they did, in typical crazy Nevada Bachelors fashion.

    Following Nevada Bachelors were Owsley. Fronted by lead singer/guitarist Will Owsley, they put on an impressive show. All four band members (including a keyboardist) contributed to three- and four-part harmonies that remained consistently on-target for all of the set. The sound was tight and full - almost too big for the small confines of the Crocodile. But their music definitely reached all the audience members, and Owsley's extended and intricate guitar solos displayed the depth of his talents.

    Headlining the show were the East Coast's Fountains of Wayne. Though all the band members (including ex-Posie Brian Young on drums) looked exhausted from nonstop touring, their music had it's characteristic energy and bounce. While their vocal harmonies were not as lush as Owsley's, they were just as dynamic as their studio work. Fountains of Wayne played a balanced mix of songs from both of their albums, chatting easily with the crowd between songs. #hide#show http_user_agent="Lynx"#show Previous article Next article Copyright©1999 The Daily University of Washington #include virtual="/html/macros/1999/news.bottom.html"  

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