About The Daily

The Daily of the University of Washington is the UW’s largest student newspaper and has been around at the university since 1891. Currently, the newspaper prints five days a week and contains news, sports, arts, and opinion sections. The Daily also operates a news broadcast show called “The Daily’s Double Shot,” which airs once every two weeks on UWTV.

The Daily employs and pays students to contribute to its print product, online content, and broadcast production. The Daily has two separate student staffs: one in editorial, one in advertising. They are both overseen by one professional staff member: the publisher/editorial adviser. Diana Kramer has been serving as publisher since July 2012.

The students in advertising are led by an advertising manager, while the students on the editorial staff are led by an editor-in-chief. Both leadership positions are elected by the students in the spring and approved by a vote of the Board of Student Publications.

Student Publications is a unit under the UW Division of Student Life. The Board of Student Publications is an advisory board that oversees The Daily. The board is made up of representatives of the ASUW, the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), the Faculty Senate, the Department of Communication, the UW administration, The Daily’s newsroom, and a local professional publication.