Senator Patty Murray discusses bullying, harassment on college campuses

Sen. Patty Murray spoke to representatives of the UW’s queer community Thursday about her new legislation, The Tyler Clementi Education Anti-Harassment Act.

Odor leads to Foege Building hazmat response

Several Seattle Fire Department (SFD) units were called to the Foege Building on Thursday afternoon after receiving reports of a potential hazardous material incident.

The Fieldhouse Project fundraises for kids in Ghana

A UW student-led nonprofit won a $1,000 prize from a social media contest on April 8, which it will use to fund its efforts in aiding kids in Ghana.


Huskies finish busy weekend strong

In what was arguably its busiest weekend of the outdoor season to date, the Washington track and field team, split between two tournaments in two states, continued to build upon the success it has had so far this season with a number of quality performances.

Hawke, Manthou seal Senior Day victory

The mismatched socks Jeff Hawke wore Saturday were for Max Manthou. The match he won was too.

Mother Nature rains on UW’s Spring Game parade

Washington football’s “Spring Preview” felt a lot more like a typical October Saturday than an April one.


Federal marijuana-nomics: Potential for savings and profits abound

Washington state is expected to allow brick and mortar retail pot stores no later than the first week of July 2014, according to the Washington State Liquor Control Board. On April 21, the agency will begin a lottery process to select applicants  who qualify for marijuana retail licenses. The state will be allowed to license up to 334 stores statewide.

Vote on Proposition 1: Do it now!

April is not the usual time of year to fill out a ballot, but this year voters are being asked to decide whether or not to approve extra funding measures for King County Metro. Whether you are a commuter or you live on campus, you should care about the outcome of Proposition 1, and you should care fast because the ballot is due on April 22.

Starting September 2014, if Proposition 1 fails, 13 of the 31 Metro buses that serve the U-District will be canceled and 11 of them will have different hours or be rerouted.

Will's word of the week: Chai

Etymology involves following the trails made by numerous lexicon-rabbits across several continents, cultures, and centuries. “Chai” and “tea” are classic examples of tag-team language borrowing, picked up at different points, by the English language.

Arts & Leisure

Hops, sip, and a chug

‘Universale Pale Ale’ by Fremont Brewing, Seattle, Wash.

Out & About

Your guide to a night on the town

Film review: ‘Transcendence’

Manages to transcend “Divergent”


Fighting for $15

Imagine rising at 3 o’clock in the morning several times each week for a 4 a.m. shift. Having to work 55 hours per week at low wage jobs and still just barely getting the bills paid, all while pursuing a graduate degree part-time at the UW.

For all of fall quarter, this was the reality for third-year graduate student Ben Peterson.

Like a true bookworm

From behind his counter in the HUB’s branch of the University Book Store, Nick DiMartino waits patiently each day for students to walk by so he can help them find something to purchase.

Breaking the silence around rape

Editor's note: This article has been updated with additional information. 

She stood on the sidewalk covering her face with both hands as she hunched over crying. I could sense that something bad had happened. It was a Thursday night, a “party night” in the U-District, and it isn’t uncommon to see people publicly upset on their walks home from drinking. But Virginia, who asked to be identified by just her first name to maintain privacy, looked different. Something more than upsetting had happened.


Campus pulse

News from the UW science community

Protein studies shed new light on cancer treatment

Recent findings by UW researchers identified the essential role of two proteins in regulating glucose metabolism for stem cell formation. The study has important implications in developing targeted cancer treatments in cancer research and clinical therapies for organ and tissue regeneration.

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