Day one election results not in favor of Proposition 1

King County unveiled the first set of results Tuesday for this year’s April special election. The election’s sole ballot measure, Proposition 1, received 44.72 percent of yes votes from King County residents while 55.28 percent voted no.

ASUW candidates discuss campus connectivity at first elections forum

In the first ASUW Elections forum of the year, members from the five residential communities on campus had a chance to ask candidates questions about how they plan to connect with groups outside of the ASUW.

Three UW apparel makers to have licenses suspended

Three UW apparel licensees will no longer be allowed to produce UW-branded merchandise after failing to sign The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.


UW shut out in pitcher's duel

It’s not often that a game is decided on a fielding miscue in the middle innings, but in a one-run contest, it is often the little things that make all the difference.

Huskies desperate as Pac-12 tournament begins

Emmett Egger is thinking about the NCAA tournament. His whole team is.

Pac-12 softball power rankings

See where the UW ranks this week in our Pac-12 softball power rankings.


Will's word of the week: Eucatastrophe

Noun: Esp. in a fictional narrative: a (sudden or unexpected) favorable turn of events; esp. a resolution of this type; a happy ending.



Dispatches from Scandinavia: On the outside looking in

I can’t even come close to counting the number of times I’ve heard complaints about international students excluding themselves.

Sound off

Opinion writers weigh in on electing representatives, armed militias, and the 2000s.

Arts & Leisure

NFFTY preview

The films in this year's National Film Festival for Talented Youth are pretty NFFTY

Play Review: 'Ernest Shackleton Loves Me'

Ice cream isn't the only thing hiding in the back of the freezer

Album Review: 'The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett,' Eels

The Eels are present but there's no electro-shock


Leading the laborers

Claude Theard, UW laundry warehouse worker

By Imana Gunawan The Daily

Piles of linens, hospital gowns, and scrubs fill large bins scattered across the spacious hall. Every so often, large bags filled with garments are transported across the room via an overhead bin. Across the building, piles of surgical linen falls into laundry shoots and into a “tunnel washroom.”

Fighting for $15

Imagine rising at 3 o’clock in the morning several times each week for a 4 a.m. shift. Having to work 55 hours per week at low wage jobs and still just barely getting the bills paid, all while pursuing a graduate degree part-time at the UW.

For all of fall quarter, this was the reality for third-year graduate student Ben Peterson.

Like a true bookworm

From behind his counter in the HUB’s branch of the University Book Store, Nick DiMartino waits patiently each day for students to walk by so he can help them find something to purchase.


Campus pulse

News from the UW science community

Protein studies shed new light on cancer treatment

Recent findings by UW researchers identified the essential role of two proteins in regulating glucose metabolism for stem cell formation. The study has important implications in developing targeted cancer treatments in cancer research and clinical therapies for organ and tissue regeneration.

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