Panel discusses Affordable Care Act

A panel sponsored by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) discussed the nuances of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

Neptune Theatre recognized as historical landmark

Larry Johnson, founder of architectural firm The Johnson Foundation, recommended the Neptune Theatre to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for historical designation in 2010.

UW launches second online-only degree program

Students with two years of college credit or an associate degree will have an option to get their bachelor’s degree online, as part of a new offering by the UW College of Arts and Sciences.


Huskies outplay nation’s top team en route to first spring victory

Maybe it’s a result of the increased urgency brought on by an approaching postseason. Or perhaps coach Mary Lou Mulflur deserves the credit after verbally expressing her disappointment three weeks ago.

Pac-12 softball power rankings

See where the Huskies stand in this week's Pac-12 softball power rankings.

Defense grabs the upper hand in Tuesday’s practice (with videos)

With just one week remaining in its spring practice schedule, time is of the essence for the Washington football team. The Huskies kicked off their final week of practice with a high-energy session Tuesday morning, complete with full pads, tackling, and even a bit of scoring.


Will's word of the week: Chai

Etymology involves following the trails made by numerous lexicon-rabbits across several continents, cultures, and centuries. “Chai” and “tea” are classic examples of tag-team language borrowing, picked up at different points, by the English language.

Flats and bent fenders: Check your head?

You either wear a helmet or you don’t. There isn’t really a middle ground, unless you count people who ride with a helmet on their handlebars, sages that they are.

Sound off

Opinion writers weigh in on vigilanteism, CascadiaNow!, and their favorite things about Seattle.

Arts & Leisure

Album review: ‘The Birds of Satan,’ by The Birds of Satan

Out of the nest but not yet ready to fly

Film review: ‘Heaven is for Real’

As fun as church on Sunday

Leisure time: How to get Vine famous

Get ready for your six seconds of fame


Fighting for $15

Imagine rising at 3 o’clock in the morning several times each week for a 4 a.m. shift. Having to work 55 hours per week at low wage jobs and still just barely getting the bills paid, all while pursuing a graduate degree part-time at the UW.

For all of fall quarter, this was the reality for third-year graduate student Ben Peterson.

Like a true bookworm

From behind his counter in the HUB’s branch of the University Book Store, Nick DiMartino waits patiently each day for students to walk by so he can help them find something to purchase.

Breaking the silence around rape

Editor's note: This article has been updated with additional information. 

She stood on the sidewalk covering her face with both hands as she hunched over crying. I could sense that something bad had happened. It was a Thursday night, a “party night” in the U-District, and it isn’t uncommon to see people publicly upset on their walks home from drinking. But Virginia, who asked to be identified by just her first name to maintain privacy, looked different. Something more than upsetting had happened.


Campus pulse

News from the UW research community

Tracking elephant poachers through tusks

Every day, about 100 elephants are killed for their ivory. It is estimated that the species will die out within the next 50 to 100 years if nothing is done to curtail the illegal ivory trade.

UW research associate professor Sam Wasser, director of the Center for Conservation Biology, has dedicated his life to minimizing the negative impacts of humanity’s growth upon wildlife populations, with a special interest in elephant population decimation.

Science friction

Mastering the art of science

Double Shot

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