UW students, alumni share their voice for events in Gaza

UW students and alumni participated in a series of protests in Seattle Center against Israel’s recent military operations in Gaza, and organized a separate demonstration and fundraising event to express their concern for Middle Eastern affairs Saturday, July 26.

On Saturday afternoon, over 1,500 people participated in “A demonstration for Palestine,” a series of peaceful protest events organized by Tacoma Community College alumnus Mahmood Abusamha. 

The UW joins an alliance to save lives with naloxone

The UW recently formed an informal alliance with Kelley-Ross Pharmacy, and Public Health — Seattle & King County to provide naloxone to anyone who is at risk of having or witnessing an opioid overdose.

Researchers investigating brain trauma treatment

UW Professor of Surgery and Chief of Trauma at Harborview Medical Center Eileen Bulger will be the local lead investigator for an upcoming nationwide study on the effectiveness of tranexamic acid on survival and recovery after traumatic head injuries.


Year in review: Athlete of the year

This has been a year full of memorable performances from athletes who will be remembered at the UW for years to come.

I wish I could have redshirted

After four years, a Daily columnist says farewell

Year in review: Moment of the year

It’s been a dramatic year on Montlake. From the opening of new stadiums to multiple Washington teams making runs in the NCAAs, there have been quite a few notable achievements in the 2013-14 academic year. Those achievements will be remembered as snapshots, moments in a year filled with fantastic ones. Here are a few Daily sportswriters’ picks for the best moment of the year.


Resources and treatment, not jail: A health-oriented approach to drug policy

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) called on countries around the globe to consider decriminalizing all illicit substances. This recommendation is part of a policy brief entitled “Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations,” however, the effects of changing drug laws extend far beyond the scope of minimizing HIV breakouts.

Dealers get a raw deal: Legal weed leaves a bad taste

As Robert Browning might say if he were around to witness the implementation of I-502, “Marijuana’s legal/All’s right with the world!” Of course, as many people who aren’t dead poets can attest to, the roll-out of 502 has felt anything but right. Between the uncertain delays and the supply shortages, the legalization of weed has been decidedly unimpressive.

Morality: It's not all relative

Darius, king of ancient Persia, encounters the Callatians, a tribe of people native to India, and is intrigued by their cultural death ritual. When a Callatian father passes on, his children eat his body. Darius asks some Greeks present in his court what it would take for any of them to eat the body of their father, rather than have it cremated. His court, horrified, replies that no price could convince them to desecrate the body of their father so. He then asks the Callatians what it would take for them to burn the remains of their fathers, to which they replied, aghast, that for no price would they do such a thing.

Arts & Leisure

CollegiATE: Doritos Breaded Chicken Fingers

Many college students resort to replacing actual meals with junk food, especially when pressed for time or money. This recipe is a bit of a shortcut, but one that would make mom proud. These chicken fingers are baked instead of fried, and with a total cost of about $10 there is zero room for guilt. So go ahead, have chips for dinner — we won’t tell your parents.


2 cups buttermilk

2 cups flour

3 eggs


Building connections

SeaTac and Tukwila lie only about 15 miles outside of Seattle, a major epicenter of health care innovation. Home to the UW Medical Center, a nationally ranked hospital, along with world-class doctors, it’s surprising that venturing a short 15 miles down I-5 yields such drastic changes.

Observing Ramadan

As the UW hosts an increasing number of international students every year, it can be difficult to accommodate all the diverse cultures and beliefs. Students at the UW come from many different walks of life. Many, like me, come from Islamic backgrounds. 

As an international student from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), my Islamic heritage is very important to me. At times, assimilating my cultural beliefs with my American surroundings has proven to be a challenge. Holidays, especially Ramadan, have been particularly trying.

Ozymandias, ramp of ramps

A colossal wreck, boundless and bare sits just west of the UW campus. Situated on the north end of the arboretum, on land that is property of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and technically a part of the 520 freeway, are the ramps to nowhere. This concrete that progress forgot is anything but ignored; the space where land meets water and industry meets nature remains a place of interest and a destination for many.


Campus pulse

News from the UW research community

Giant moths experience the world through scent

Researchers study how moths can distinguish between chemical scents to find food

Autism: bringing color to the gray area

New take on Autism using genetics

Double Shot

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