Homeless organization sets up protest on the Ave

For the past several weeks, a cluster of tents have congregated in front of the post office on the Ave and Northeast 43rd Street. 

The people living there are homeless members of the community — individuals and families alike — looking to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness in the U-District and throughout Seattle.

The effort is run by the self-proclaimed The Ave Foundation, who describes themselves as “homeless for the homeless.” 

Hunger awareness campaign arrives on campus

Some 805 million people, or more than 10 percent of the world population, do not have enough food to eat to lead a healthy, active life, according to the United Nations World Food Program. 

HungerU, a project of the Farm Journal Foundation, travels to various colleges and universities to educate students about the severity of global hunger and the role of agriculture in fighting the epidemic, set up an interactive mobile exhibit between By George Cafe and the Henry Art Gallery on Monday. 

RSO Rundown

This column keeps tabs on the activities of the UW’s Registered Student Organizations (RSO). The following events are courtesy of RSOs on campus.


Pac-12 power rankings: football

See how UW Daily football beat writer Daniel Rubens ranks the teams of the Pac-12.

Douglas-Miron to test her talents against nation’s best

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association All-American Championships is one of three individual grand slams in college tennis, reserved for the nation’s top talent. This week, junior Elianne Douglas-Miron is in that group.

Huskies near the bottom after day one in Pullman

Despite being at even-par after two rounds at the Itani Quality Homes Invitational in Pullman on Monday, the Washington men’s golf team finds itself well off the pace set by its Pac-12 competition.


Fix the world in five minutes or less: Don't forget to smile

Corporate citizenship.

Those are two words that are rarely heard these days. Instead, most stories about corporations revolve around greed, fraud, and general douchebaggery. But one company is using its resources to actually give something back to society.

Last year, the Amazon Corporation began a program called AmazonSmile, where the company donates .05 percent of each sale to a charity of the customer’s choosing.

This is not about Ray Rice: Redirecting attention to the issue of domestic violence

Before you read this article, I’d like you to go watch the footage of Janay Rice being assaulted in an elevator by her now-husband, former Baltimore Ravens’ player Ray Rice. I want there to be no room for the argument that she is not the victim.

The sex appeals: A guide to naked pictures

Since the dawn of committing images to paper, canvas, or stone wall, people have loved naked pictures. And with good reason — they can be romantic, erotic, beautiful, and hilarious. In this age of dick pics, it’s often the latter. However, we’re not in the olden days anymore, when these pictures were one-of-a-kind, and difficult to replicate.

Arts & Leisure

Get Ave savvy

The A&L separates the best from the rest

Book review: ‘Meka,’ by J.D. Morvan and Bengal

Ever since the reopening of Japan to foreign relations at the dawn of the Meiji era in 1868, a sizable portion of French people have openly and avidly been fascinated by Japanese art and culture. This influence ranges from fin de siècle Impressionism to a wide range of anime- and manga-influenced art in today’s French cartoons and comics. 

Album Review: ‘Hesitant Alien,’ Gerard Way

Music doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The sounds we enjoy are important, but where — and who — we were when we heard them play a huge role in how we feel. Whether it’s Curtis Mayfield pumping us up for a job interview or Cyndi Lauper getting us through a bad breakup, context is inseparable from composition.


Faces of UW: New faculty and staff

Scott W. Allard, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs

By Zezhou Jing The Daily

After teaching and researching as an associate professor for six years at the University of Chicago, Scott Allard was excited to move from the small, private university to the UW, which he described as, “big, public, and offers lots of different exciting opportunities to wide varieties of students.”

All the world's a gallery

If you have ever needed a compelling reason to explore the UW campus, now is the time. Until Oct. 25,12 works of art are on display in a project called Mad Campus.

This unusual exhibition is from MadArt,a project started by Alison Milliman about six years ago. The program has put on other exhibitions before, such as Mad Homes in 2011, when artists took over five houses before they were set to be demolished. The idea is always to bring art into an everyday context, where people will simply stumble across it.

History in our own backyard

Unique UW class offers opportunity to study dam removal project


Putting trust in God and men

Masculinity, virginity, and pledges of purity

Stagnant vaccination rates in Washington State

Research suggests infectious disease epidemics don’t lead to more vaccines

Campus Pulse

Who gives a frack? 

Energy is something the whole world uses, and one major source of energy is natural gas. Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” is the process of injecting fluid into the ground at high pressure which disturbs shale rock below, releasing natural gas.

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